The Value of Blog Engage Syndication Membership

When looking for a product or service, the first thing I ask myself is “what is the value of this service/product and how could it help me?” If I find that a particular product or service that I like I will purchase it or add it to the wish list. Then I do my best […]

Introducing the Facebook Marketing for Smart People

Recently, I had the privilege of previewing a new Facebook marking book by a favorite blogger of mine, Faissal Al-Haithami of and I have to say it is full of great information about Facebook and how use it as a marketing tool. A Little Information about Faissal Originally, I came across Faissal through a […]

Google+ Pages gets Multiple Managers!

Earlier today, I was checking out the Google Blog to see if there have been any new updates to Google+ and came across a blog entry mentioning Google+ Pages. Even though Google just released Google+ pages just a short time ago, they have been listening to user feed back and they added the three most […]

Evolutionary Designs has a Google+ Page

A few days ago Google finally released a feature that most website owners and businesses have wanted for a while now. Yes that’s right, websites and businesses can now create their own pages. So far, the features are very limited but Google does have plans to add features in the feature, they just wanted to […]

Klout Now Integrates with Google Plus

Earlier today Klout announced that they have integrated Google Plus with the Klout system. Klout says that Google Plus was one a feature that was highly requested. Naturally I had to integrate my Klout profile with Google Plus. It will take some time before Klout can accurately record my Google Plus usage. I will give […]

Blog Engage is Offering a Free One Year Membership At Elegant Themes

Today I want to let everyone know that Blog Engage is offering a free giveaway and that give away is a one year membership at Elegant Themes. The one year membership will be paid by Brian, owner of Blog Engage. This membership will give you access to Elegant Themes all year. This means you will […]

Google Plus Cheat Sheet

Its been almost two months since the Google Plus Network was released and so far it taking the social media community by storm. We are seeing major probloggers and social media guys leaving Facebook and other sites for Google Plus. If you haven’t made the move yet or just made that move, then you need […]

QuickTip: Ignore Any Google Plus Status Update You Want

Recently I have heard a lot of complaints about Google Plus network and the High Profile users. Those complaints are that high profiles users such as Chris Brogan, Robert Scoble, and Trey Ratcliff fill up and clog up their Google Plus streams. A Little More Detail When a high profile user leaves an update, they […]

Promote your Google+ Account on Your Blog or Website

Google Plus Network has been in beta for almost a month and it looks like its here to stay. It’s getting so popular, big name probloggers are leaving Facebook to go full time with Google Plus. Are you using Google Plus Network? If so, how much time are you spending on there? For me, I […]

QuickTip: How to Quickly Search and Find People On Google Plus

With the growing popularity of the Google Plus Network, its only natural that the subscriber numbers have reached over a million users. With so many people using Google Plus you should be able to connect with your friends, niche related contacts, and new social media friends. But with the limited options Google gives to make […]

Get an Easy to Remember Google Plus Network Profile URL

If you have been using Google Plus Network, you know how ugly and hard it is to remember your profile URL. Currently Google Plus doesn’t offer a Google Plus Vanity URL. Currently from what I found about why doesn’t offer a vanity URL, they believe that if they offer vanity URLs it might leave users […]

Hootsuite Hits 2 Million Sign Ups!

Back in November 2010, Hootsuite hit the one million mark for new signups. Now Just a few months later, they hit two million signups! For those that do not know about Hootsuite, it is a Twitter client and more. Its your personal media sharing tool. You can send a status to variety social networks and […]