4 Ways Website Design Affects Your Marketing Efforts

Some businesses create a website that is attractive, eye-catching and even interesting in different ways. However, your website should also be designed with the needs of your target audience in mind. This is a marketing tool that may be the main initial contact that your customers have with the company. They may create a solid […]

Designing a Website for Speed

Currently, around half of the world’s population is using internet, and approximately one quarter is going online via some sort of mobile devices. Clearly, opting for a responsive theme can be beneficial for your website and business, as Google loves responsive websites and ranks them high in search rankings. However, unless your responsive website provides […]

Basic SEO Tactics for New Webmasters

In recent years SEO experts were shaken by several big changes of Google algorithm, but this doesn’t change the fact that well-optimized websites still perform much better on Google Search. SEO practices are constantly changing, and things that are effective today, might not work tomorrow. In spite of that, there are few postulates of good […]

Google Webmaster Tools #5: Google Crawl

Its been over a month since we started sharing Yoast.com’s Google Webmaster Tools series with our thoughts on each topic for our readers. The series has been a lot of help to myself and to our readers and plan to continue sharing their SEO series. The last topic that was covered was over the Google […]

Google Webmaster Tools #4: What is Google Index

Its been over three weeks since we started sharing Yoast.com’s Google Webmaster Tools series with our thoughts on each topic for our readers. The first topic was about Search Appearance and the second topic was about about Search Traffic. If you want to catch on the earlier articles, our articles will have links to Yoast’s […]

Google Webmaster Tools #2: Search Traffic

Lets face it search traffic and the all the details to understanding what the traffic coming into your site is doing can be confusing. Using powerful premium tools can makes it easier to understand what is going on with your site, but its still hard to understand each section of the search traffic category in […]

Understanding Google Webmaster Tools #1: Search Appearance

When I first started in the website industry I didn’t have full understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and honestly, I still do not fully understand SEO. I know that you have  to keep up with the ever changing rules of the game or you loose control of your search rankings, and you could still […]

Smart Tips On Google Algorithm Updates 2014 And Beyond

  The trend of updates from Google in the year 2014 has been on an ascent like previous years. Every year Google changes its search algorithm several hundred times. While most of the changes are minor, Google announces the major updates that affect the search results in considerable ways. The major changes that Google rolled […]

Yoast ebook: Optimize your WordPress site

On September 2nd, 2014, Yoast announced the released an ebook called “Optimize your WordPress Site”  The book is 152 pages that was written to help you optimize every part of your WordPress site. The book talks about SEO, navigation, usability, and tips to increase your sales. They even go into details about conversion research and […]

Weekly New Media News Update #2: Topics in SEO and Social Media

It’s Friday! For most it’s the end of the work week. But for others like myself, Its just another work day and work on through the weekend. For those that work to hard and need some catching up on what’s going on around the new media world, Evolutionary Designs is bringing back its weekly new […]

Avoid Unnecessary Risks By Staying Away From These Dangerous SEO Techniques

Some people take big risks with SEO and it could damage the future success of their site. I’ve tried to show them a few of the techniques they should stay away from. Nobody can blame you for wanting to take dangerous risks when it comes to SEO because the rewards are so good. Within a […]

5 Instances When You Should Forget About A Particular Keyword

You’ve just seen a keyword you want to rank for, but how do you know it’s going to be worth it? Lots of people pick random keywords and spend a long time trying to reach the number one spot and once they get there they realize nothing has changed. Their website is getting a little […]