Weekly New Media News Update: Topics in Design, Social Media, Marketing, WordPress and Design Resources

  One of my favorite articles to write for Evolutionary Designs was the weekly link love (link share) articles for new media and most of our readers liked the articles. They received a lot regular traffic and they still receive a bit of traffic over time. Image Source: Flickr But with work and personal life, […]

Weekly Mash Up #32: Topics in Design, Freelance, Marketing, and Photoshop Brush Freebies

It’s Sunday night, so that means its time for the Weekly Mash Up. This week was a busy one for me, but I did get some time to read a few articles on my favorite sites. Out of what I read, I found a eleven articles I thought you guys might like.  This week’s topics […]

Introducing the Facebook Marketing for Smart People

Recently, I had the privilege of previewing a new Facebook marking book by a favorite blogger of mine, Faissal Al-Haithami of fansbridge.com. and I have to say it is full of great information about Facebook and how use it as a marketing tool. A Little Information about Faissal Originally, I came across Faissal through a […]

Weekly Mash UP #26: Topics in Blogging Tips, Design, Email Conversion, Marketing, SEO, and Social Media

It’s Sunday night, so its time for the Weekly Mash Up. Last week was a great week for new media articles. For this Mash Up, I decided to share eight great articles in Blogging tips, design, email conversion, marketing, SEO, and social media. How To Get Your Article Included in the Mash Up To get […]

Weekly Mash Up #25 Topics in Blogging Tips, Copyrighting Design, Freelance, and Marketing

It’s the start of a new week so it’s time for the weekly Mash Up. It’s been a few weeks since the last Mash Up. I had hoped to share a Mash Up, last week but between family coming into town the week before and being sick for the last six days, it was a […]

Weekly Mash Up # 24: Topics in Design, Development, Freelance, Marketing, SEO, Photoshop Tutorials, and Some Inspiration Articles

This week’s Mash Up is a long one, but all the articles are good ones. We have topics in design, development, freelance, marketing, SEO, social media, website speed testing, photography tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, and some inspiration articles. All of these articles are listed because we think that they will be useful for our readers and […]

Mash Up #23: Topics in Design, Marketing and SEO

It’s the start of a new week, so that means its time for the Weekly Mash Up. This week’s mash up is a good one, We have topics in design, marketing, SEO, and an inspiration about Steve Jobs. Although, I share topics in blogging, SEO and photography, this week’s mash up is mostly about design. […]

What is Tycoon Blogger

As you can tell I am on a blogging and marketing resources kick this week. If you are here to read more about design, I promise to move more in that direction next week. But this week is all about sharing some of my favorite places I like to read, comment on and learn about […]

Free Market Research with Google Analytics

Do you know about the free market research available from Google Analytics?  Yes, free!  95% of businesses fall into one of two categories: They think that analytics is technical and just for the tech geeks. They installed analytics with all good intentions, and never bothered to look at the reports. If that is you, then […]