5 Steps To Small Business Photography & WordPress Success

WordPress is so much more than just blogging software. In fact, WordPress is a powerful tool for a small businesses, whether initially realized or not. In this article, you are going to read how WordPress can be a valuable tool for small business photography success. Portfolio Demo | Purchase As a photographer, there is one […]

5 Mobile Marketing Tools to Put on Your Radar

Mobile marketing is all the rage these days, and we can confidently state that there is much more to this thing than hype. Statistics show that mobile makes up 10% of the world’s internet usage. That may not seem like a significant number, but it indicates how fast the phenomenon is penetrating through the global […]

How to Start your E-commerce Business

E-commerce has become more lucrative as more people turn to the Internet for their shopping needs. As a result, even the most traditional businesses have set up websites and begun launching e-commerce operations to complement their offline revenue-producing activities. However, modern entrepreneurs have also popularized start-ups that focus their attentions on the Internet, with little […]

Avoiding Common Design Clichés

We live in a world where collaboration is important. It’s natural to be influenced by others to a certain degree and sometimes, this is a great thing. In design however, it’s way too easy to allow your influences to get a little heavy, to the point that all you’re doing is jumping on the aesthetic […]

Protect Your Domain Name from Domain Thieves

Your domain name is an important part of your website and if it’s the name of your company, than its even more important that you protect it from those that want to take advantage of you. Just think about all those hours you spend writing articles, marketing your content and building traffic for your domain […]

How to Craft a Modern Resume [Infographic]

Lately I have been going to a weekly networking meeting. These meetings usually have speakers that talk about anything from finding that perfect job or using social media and how it can help you with your career. Recently we had a speaker that talk about the traditional resume being boring and that as a job […]

10 Ways to Deal With Blogger Apathy

A blogger could have a brilliant and exciting strategic plan. However, if they have no passion, drive or motivation for blogging, their plan will amount to nothing. While there are times when energy will be low, making writing, researching and networking a drudgery, bloggers need to find new and innovative ways of fighting apathy. Keep […]

Tips for Choosing Website Colors

Selecting the appropriate colors for your site is as vital as choosing content and graphics. Colors affect people in many ways. Certain colors can arouse particular emotions in people. These emotional reactions can influence your company’s image in the mind of visitors and have a major impact on your brand. If you doubt that colors […]

Picking The Right Web Hosting Plan

There are numerous businesses that offer web hosting services and the packages they offer include features that may seem to confusing and complicated to truly understand at first. Don’t let this discourage you, finding the right web hosting service is easier than you think. There are 3 basic kinds of web hosting services offered, dedicated […]

Organized to Attract: Why Organizing Your Site is a Traffic Turn On

As businesses grow and expand, so do their websites. Unfortunately, many webmasters confuse content with clutter. Growth and expansion is a good thing as long as it’s managed and controlled. But site managers often let themselves get carried away with the notion that bigger is better. What they fail to realize is that when it […]

How To Avoid Unpleasant Cross-Cultural Incidents In Blogging

The internet is such a world-wide phenomenon and everything you do here can be viewed by people all over the world from different cultures, religion and background. Any thing you write, post or any message you try to convey can not be limited to certain group of people unless you take extra measure to ensure […]

Back-End Solutions to Having a Quick Load-Time

There’s a long list of best practices for making your website load quickly. If you’re a design/interactive marketing agency, this is especially important. Often times you don’t have maybe have your actual website loading quickly, but other things are preventing it from being quick and snappy. A lot of these things have to do with […]