Premium Textures

A few years ago Evolutionary Designs started sharing weekly articles that share some of the greatest textures for graphic designers found on the web. We ended up stopping those articles after it became harder to find those great textures. During those days we even shared some of the Textures that I created during my photo trips.

After revamping the type of content we share and write about we decided to start offering our own free and premium Textures. Currently we are hosting James Johnston’s collection of photo textures. His textures will be offered here as low resolution images with a CC BY-NC-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

Rules for Downloading and Using Our Free Textures and Stock Images

Premium Textures

You will be able to download these images for non-commercial use (if your blog makes money you can’t use them without permission) but you MUST link back to Evolutionary Designs home page or to the texture page.

Below are the rules for using our free Textures and stock images

My “terms of usage” for my textures & images

Please do not redistribute my resources without given permission first! This does include submitting them to resource websites or any type of redistribution database.

Minor editing of textures and/or brushes and submitting as different resources or anything else is not aloud.

If you use my resources, a link back to Evolutionary Deisgns is required as well as sending me a url or leaving a comment with a link to your work.

Selling any of our free textures/brushes is not aloud. This includes minor editing of textures/images as well.

You may sell your work as prints only.

If you want to use any of our images/textures in a commercial project, you must talk with us first to get permission. You may be required to purchase a license. We may be able to work out a better deal than our premium prices.

Do not use any of our creations for messages of hate, illegal, or pornographic.

Premium Texture Rules and Features

In the future we will have other purchase levels for our textures but for now we are using Gumroad to host our premium textures and handling the billing side of things. You will receive high resolution images (some will only few megabytes bigger than the free ones) but you will have unlimited access once you own the images. You are not allowed to resale the images but you can use them for commercial print and digital projects as many times as you want.

If you do not want to use Gumroad, you can purchase directly through us. We use PayPal. Please contact us for details.

Were to Find Our Textures

We are slowly adding Textures to our site. Each category will have its own page. At some point this page will link to each category. If you find our older Textures from a few years ago, you may purchase them as well. Please contact us. We will link you to the purchase page or work with you to get you a copy.

Can I Add/Sell My Textures on Evolutionary Designs?

If you want to sell your Textures and Stock Images on Evolutionary Designs then we might be able to work out some sort of deal. We want your work, but we are currently only accepting Textures of high quality. You will offer a a free version and a premium version. You will need to use Gumroad or another sales site we are affiliated with. If you want to use Gumroad, you will need to create an account with them and then add our account to your affiliate system. Please contact us for details.