Reasons Why SEO Management is Important

The power and usage of SEO is crystal clear to all the relevant people in the pool of business world. The hype it has created in the field of advertising is magnificent and the way it has helped save time and money for the people who only need marketing as a part of their brand […]

5 Tips to Increase User Engagement on Your Site

You would probably be sporting a huge grin when you check your website’s statistics and see that you’ve had over a hundred visitors. That is a good sign as it shows you were able to attract visitors. The question though is this, “how many of those guests actually interacted with your portal?” If you’re wondering […]

The Faces of Link Building [Infographic]

Building traffic should be on the top of any web site owners “to do” list. If it isn’t, then your site might not be successful. The only sites that might not need a traffic building strategy might be a large company that already has a large following and their fans/customers are only waiting for you […]

Weekly Mash Up #34: Topics in Freelance, SEO, Traffic Generation, Web Development, and Writing Tips

Its been a few weeks since I last posted a Weekly Mash Up. During those two weeks since I last posted an article, I read some great articles. Out those article I found eleven great articles that I think will be helpful for everyone. I found some great articles on how to earn more as […]

What is CommentLuv Premium

Recently I decided to make another investment into Evolutionary Designs and purchased a premium WordPress Plugin. That plugin is CommentLuv Premium by Andy Bailey. You might have noticed that when you comment, that you have the option to add your latest article link to your comment. And if you been around the site and commenting, […]

CommentLuv Premium Celebrates Its Birthday With a Dime Sale

I have some exciting news from Andy Bailey and the CommentLuv plugin. Last week I received an email from Andy announcing that he had so much success with his launch of CommentLuv Premium he will be doing releasing the Plugin (multi license) on its anniversary as dime sale. The price will start at $21 and […]

Top 3 Reasons To Add A Blog To Your Website in 2012

There are a myriad of benefits to blog writing for your business as well as some great SEO advantages. Below are the three reasons I find most compelling. #1. Custom platform to interact with your customers and site visitors- Let’s face it word of mouth from friends and family is about the best sales pitch […]

WordPress Mondays: 8 Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Site and Get More Traffic

Lately Google has mentioned that website owners need to be aware of how fast their site loads. Because they are aware how fast your website loads even if you are not. They also mentioned that if the site loads to slow that it could factor into your site’s search rankings. Image Source: Traffic Trails – […]

Learn New Ways To Promote Your Blog Articles

As most website and blog owners know, the best way to get traffic to your site is through website and article promotion. There are many ways to promote your articles. With there being so many ways to promoting an article, a blog owner should never just use one method. They need to use a variety […]

What Avenues Do Use To Build Traffic?

Traffic is important for any website, but it’s even more important for sites that offer services and products sales. If a site doesn’t have traffic or has almost no traffic can be discouraging and could be an end for those websites. In order to get traffic, you have to create a traffic generation strategy. When […]

Blog Interact: A New Social Bookmarking Site

If you stop by Evolutionary Designs often, then you know that I am a big fan of social media and social bookmarking. I use social bookmarking as a way to network with other bloggers and to find more articles in new media. In general, I only have a few sites that I use all the […]

DesignGizer Social Bookmarking for Designers

Recently I wrote about building links through social media sites. One of the sites I had mentioned, I did not go into much detail. Several people have asked me about the site and what is it all about.  So today, I thought I would go into more detail about the site. What is DesignGizer? DesignGizer […]