Readership: the new mantra of guest blogging

  The very real fact is that guest posting does not plan on getting any easier for any practitioner as time rolls on. This sounds like a harsh opening to my article but I will go forward with it in any case because in truth, digital marketing has evolved far too much. Now, we are […]

Yoast ebook: Optimize your WordPress site

On September 2nd, 2014, Yoast announced the released an ebook called “Optimize your WordPress Site”  The book is 152 pages that was written to help you optimize every part of your WordPress site. The book talks about SEO, navigation, usability, and tips to increase your sales. They even go into details about conversion research and […]

The Blogger Bundle – Premium Tools to Help Build Your Blog!

Are you looking to start your own blog or just trying to boost your current blog with new themes, plugins, icons, and other design elements? If so, you might have come to the conclusion that this can get expensive. To help cut back on the cost of building a better blog, Envato Bundles has put […]

Great Sources for Royalty Free Photos & Art

For those that are constantly on the hunt for quality photos and art, below are a handful of sites that should make finishing up any job that much easier. Royalty-free, Free Image Sources This is a great site for obtaining free art with a range of categories available. Though the free image that’s provided […]

Automate Your Internal Links with WP-HypnoLinks

Are you looking for a way to automatically link certain keywords to important articles within your site or maybe just to automatically link your affiliate links by keywords you create? If so, I have a premium WordPress plugin you have to try out. WP-HypnoLinks As the same suggests, WP-HypnoLinks is a WordPress plugin that has […]

Protect Your Domain Name from Domain Thieves

Your domain name is an important part of your website and if it’s the name of your company, than its even more important that you protect it from those that want to take advantage of you. Just think about all those hours you spend writing articles, marketing your content and building traffic for your domain […]

The Right Way to Ask to Guest Write

Guest writing is the act of providing articles (you write original content) to website that isn’t yours generally for free. You might be asking why you would you want to give others your free articles that you could use on your own sites. The simple answer is, exposure. By picking the right sites to guest […]

The Value of Blog Engage Syndication Membership

When looking for a product or service, the first thing I ask myself is “what is the value of this service/product and how could it help me?” If I find that a particular product or service that I like I will purchase it or add it to the wish list. Then I do my best […]

Are Original Images As Important As Original Content?

So many essential factors affect your blog’s orientation. However, there is a recurring point of consideration for every aspect – Originality. It is an accepted fact that you have to work to create original content. Your posts have to stand out as your authentic opinion on your niche’s important topics. However, images are just as […]

Top 3 Reasons To Add A Blog To Your Website in 2012

There are a myriad of benefits to blog writing for your business as well as some great SEO advantages. Below are the three reasons I find most compelling. #1. Custom platform to interact with your customers and site visitors- Let’s face it word of mouth from friends and family is about the best sales pitch […]

The Importance of Comment Section Styling and How To

Comments on your blog posts are a literal meter for the number of people who not only read your post but also take the time and interest to let you know about it. Comments can be appreciative or even critical, but in any form, they refer to the fact that the readers are reading what […]

Dress to impress, It’s what I say!

I like to think of blogging like going out on a date or inviting someone into your home. First impressions mean everything to our human species. We make fast judgments on other people we see and come to conclusions of who they might be or what they will act like. These same first time impressions […]