Great News! WP Reviews V1.1.9: Update now has Default Repeated Criteria Fields and More

Today my friend Hesham of Author Review and WP Reviews just released his latest update. Among other things, it has default criteria fields! Now you can create a new set of criteria for your reviews and enable them across new and old reviews on your site. WP Reviews V1.1.9 Update About a month ago I […]

SlideDeck 2 Lite–A beatiful Content Slider

Since installing Studiopress’ Genesis Framework on Evolutionary Designs, I have been looking for the perfect theme to fit the site. Currently Evolutionary Designs is using a variation of the CopyBlogger theme until I can decided on the right them for the site. The one thing that I have always wanted was to to have an […]

78 of the Best WordPress Plugins for 2013

If you are wanting to build more traffic for your site, have a better site, or even make your site more user friendly.If you are running or plan on running a WordPress site, then this is the article for you . One of the easiest ways to add more features and functions to your WordPress […]

19 of the Best SEO WordPress Plugins of 2012

It’s the start of the year, so why not take your Website to the next level. If you are having issues getting the search engines to find your website, then you need to concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the new year. Basic search engine optimization for any website isn’t all that complicated and […]

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins of 2012

Everyday more website owners make the switch to WordPress. They are making the switch because its easy to update, manage, and it easy to add more rich content as the site grows. But to run a WordPress site (or any other site) can be a large investment and you need to protect that investment. If […]

12 of the Best Multi-Author WordPress Plugins of 2012

One of the new trends for websites and blogs is a shift toward multi-author CMS styled sites.By mult-author, I mean sites like Famous Bloggers and DragonBlogger, that offer guest writers and staff writer positions. These sites have a lot writers and articles by different authors posted anywhere from just a few articles a day to […]

The Best WordPress Admin Plugins of 2012

Let’s face it, running a site isn’t easy. And for those that run a successful WordPress site, it might be just as hard. Yes its easier to create content, but as a website owner, you have to be administrator to your website. You have to maintain your content, comments made on your site, updates to […]

The Best Security WordPress Plugins for 2012

The one thing I see a lot of WordPress users doing is ignoring the security of their sites. I believe, security is as important as the valuable content you create for yours. If you ignore the security on your site, then someone can take control of your site, delete your content, or even lock you […]

Review: Fancier Author Box

With any creation comes the right to adding the creator’s right to add their name/signature to it. And writing is no different. Authors and journalist put their name on their work everyday. So why should it be any different for small blogs? So if you are thinking that every blog article lists the author of […]

Review: SimepleReach Slide

The SimpleReach Slide is a WordPress Plugin that recommends related articles from within your site. But instead of adding those recommended links to the bottom of the article, it creates a “slide” effect at the bottom of the page. You might have seen a similar related slider on website. First Impressions of The SimpleReach […]

Keep Readers on Your Site Longer By Interlinking

You have a great website and you follow the best practices when it comes to SEO. You are working on your social media campaigns and they are doing well. The traffic to your website is high, but those that visit aren’t sticking around for very long. So now your asking yourself, why they aren’t sticking […]

Author hReview Goes Pro

Back in January I did a review on a new plugin called Author hReview which adds reviews features that not only helps your review stand out on your site, but also helps it stand out to the search engines by adding rich snippets (review stars 1-5) to every review to created using the plugin. After […]