Review: Fanciest Author Box

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review for the Fancier Author Box WordPress Plugin which is a free plugin that creates an enhanced author box at the end of each post. Overall, it’s a great plugin but its limited in features. If you are looking for more design tools and other features to make […]

Review: Fancier Author Box

With any creation comes the right to adding the creator’s right to add their name/signature to it. And writing is no different. Authors and journalist put their name on their work everyday. So why should it be any different for small blogs? So if you are thinking that every blog article lists the author of […]

How to Add Author Bio to WordPress Without a Plugin

If you been reading my blog over the last month you may have noticed some design changes on my post pages. Today I wanted to tell you about one of those changes. That change is the author bio box at the end of the content of the post. I added the box to give a […]