Fixel Contrastica 2 for Photoshop: Smart Contrast Intensifier – $15!

Are you looking for a way to boost image contrast and have total control over both local and global contrast on all of your images? If so, you need to check out Fixel Contrastica 2: Smart Contrast Intensifier. What is Fixel Contrastica 2: Smart Contrast Intensifier? Fixel Contrastica 2: Smart Contrast Intensifier is a plugin […]

5 Free Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins

This week’s WordPress article is an introduction to 5 great free photo gallery WordPress plugins. Why a Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin? You might be asking yourself why I need a photo gallery plugin when the latest versions of WordPress has a great gallery feature? The simple answer is you do not need one, if you […]

WP Reviews Plugin – the Author hReview Plugin’s Big Brother

Do you like writing reviews, do you have a WordPress side that you write reviews or do you have a new WordPress driven review site? If so, I have the tool that can help attract more visitors to your reviews and help you rank better with the search engines. It’s the new WP Reviews Plugin […]

The Best Security WordPress Plugins for 2012

The one thing I see a lot of WordPress users doing is ignoring the security of their sites. I believe, security is as important as the valuable content you create for yours. If you ignore the security on your site, then someone can take control of your site, delete your content, or even lock you […]

How to Do Screen Capture Selections

Recently a reader asked me how to to select a region of a webpage and capture it. What she means by this, she doesn’t want to capture everything on the browser she can see but just a region on the screen.  She also wanted to add arrows and boxes to those images. You might ask […]

Insights WordPress Plugin Reveiw

Even though I spend most of time designing, I am still a blogger. As a blogger, I am constantly looking for ways to streamline my content creation and find the multimedia needed for each article. For me this is the worst part, of the article creation process. There are a variety places to find what […]

Random Rotation Ad Plugin

Are you an affiliate marketer or just someone who has a lot of adds to display but doesn’t have the room to display all your adds?  If you are, I have a fix for that. Check out Random Ad Generator Version 2. This is a WordPress Plugin that randomly displays your ad code for you. […]

2 Highly Useful Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

An important part of Search Engine optimization is having a site. A sitemap is a page of pages on a website. The pages are designed to make is easy for the web crawlers to find all of your content. Usually sitemaps are setup to be hierarchical. Being setup in this fashion not only helps the […]

21 New Resources for Designers and Bloggers – Weekly Round Up May 2nd 2010

Last week was a great week for catching up on some of the blogs I haven’t visited in the last few weeks. I was surprised at all the good stuff to read.  There were so many great articles that I could not list them all. I have listed some of my favorites from last week. […]

Final Thoughts on WP-Spam Free

Earlier today I made the decision to turn off the plugin WP-SpamFree. WP-SpamFree is a powerful anti-spam plugin for WordPress that stops comment spam and trackback spam. This plugin stops the spam before it gets to the database, so there is no cluttering up of the database. The plugin also comes with a SpamFee Contact […]