19 of the Best SEO WordPress Plugins of 2012

It’s the start of the year, so why not take your Website to the next level. If you are having issues getting the search engines to find your website, then you need to concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the new year. Basic search engine optimization for any website isn’t all that complicated and […]

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to search engine optimization, you have keep up with the latest changes to what you optimize your sites. Some changes aren’t so bad but others can destroy your site’s search results. And when that happens, it will take some time getting back on top. For 2012, it was an interesting year for […]

Search Engine Optimization Increases your Site Visibility

This is a guest article by Satarupa Majumder. Organic Search Engine Optimization follows different stages to get the positive results. Very few experts are available in the market that can provide value for money. On Page optimization is an organic approach that enables the website to get optimized for the search engines. Here are a […]

Insights WordPress Plugin Reveiw

Even though I spend most of time designing, I am still a blogger. As a blogger, I am constantly looking for ways to streamline my content creation and find the multimedia needed for each article. For me this is the worst part, of the article creation process. There are a variety places to find what […]

What is SEO

When I work with clients or talk about what I do and services we offer through Evolutionary Designs, I often get asked the question “what is SEO?” or “what is search Engine Optimization?” Once I explain, they ask “why would someone want that and pay for that service?” After answering so many times, I came […]

2 Highly Useful Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

An important part of Search Engine optimization is having a site. A sitemap is a page of pages on a website. The pages are designed to make is easy for the web crawlers to find all of your content. Usually sitemaps are setup to be hierarchical. Being setup in this fashion not only helps the […]

Get Your Website Graded by Website Grader

Earlier today I came across a free online tool every website owner and SEO consultant could use to help them build a more search engine friendly site. Hubspot is offering to help analyze your website for issues and grades your site from zero to hundred over your site’s marketing effectiveness. The test runs quickly and […]

Daily Delicious Links April 8th 2010

Blogging Tips SEO Copywriting 101: The Keyword “Unless you have tons of relevant content, your site is well established in its niche or your products are for a select few, you’ll need search engine optimization. Not only is it “best practice” as far as keeping your code clean and your site in line, it’s also […]

Weekly Link Love March 21st

This week’s link love is a bit short. I left for Houston, Texas Saturday morning and did not  have much time to read a lot of blogs this past week.  All of the articles listed below will help any webmaster, web designer, or blogger build a better website and gain more organic search engine traffic. […]

Guest Post: On-Page SEO Tips

Last Monday I submitted my first guest post over at Famous Bloggers. My post was over On-page SEO. In this article I go over the steps for proper on-page SEO that every website should practice on their site. SEO on your web page is important because if properly done, the search engine will for you […]

Weekly Link Love for February 14th 2010

This week was a busy week for Evolutionary Designs Blog and myself in general. I did not get to read to many blogs this week but I did manage to get some reading accomplished. Out of everything I read last week, here are my top 12 blog articles to check out if you missed out […]