9 of the Best Alternatives to Delicious

Over the last few days the rumors of Yahoo shutting down / selling Delicious have been around the internet, Twitter, and other social media sites for several days and this has gotten a lot of Delicious users upset or scared that they are about to lose all of their bookmarks. This is the problem with […]

Beginning jQuery Tutorial Links – Daily Delicious links April 22, 2010

For the past few months, I have been interested jQery. When I first heard about jQuery I only knew that it was JavaScript library. I wanted to know what it was, how it used and how it can benefit me as a web designer.  I found that “jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library […]

Design Resources for Designers Daily Delicious Links April 15th

Today I spend some time looking for resources to help with web and graphic design. I found  CSS tutorials , photoshop brushes, WordPress code snippets that might come in handy, and new fonts. Colorburned | 53 Incredible High Resolution Photoshop Paint Brushes “These brushes are not only good for roughing up or distressing your designs, […]

Daily Delicious Links April 8th 2010

Blogging Tips SEO Copywriting 101: The Keyword “Unless you have tons of relevant content, your site is well established in its niche or your products are for a select few, you’ll need search engine optimization. Not only is it “best practice” as far as keeping your code clean and your site in line, it’s also […]

Daily Delicious Posts for April 02, 2010

Today’s daily Delicious post is a short one.  I found some links to Google Chrome extensions and some comic book wallpapers. 20 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers Chrome Extension for Web Developers. (tags: GoogleChromeExtensions) For The comic Book Fan 45 Awesome Spiderman Comic Wallpapers | Superheroes Series – 1 (tags: wallpaper) Please follow […]

110+ CSS Resources and Tutorials

Cascading style sheets (CSS) were created to define how HTML elements will display. CSS can be implemented on the index page or as a stand alone file. In most cases, I would recommend using an external style because you can easily make changes to the style sheet by updating the code and simply replacing the […]

Daily Delicious Links March 18th

Today’s Delicious post is a short list today. I thought I share with everyone a list of Photoshop Cheatsheets and Must short cuts. Most profession photoshop users shortcuts as much as possible, this will cut done on some of the time it takes to work on projects.  I also found a link to 15  excellent […]

Weekly Link Love March 14

Last week was another great week for blogging. I found eleven great articles and a new blog to read. After reading these blog posts I had to share these articles with everyone. If you get the chance this week, check these articles out. ComLuv new Theme, Traffic and more Exposure for CommentLuv Enabled Blogs – […]

Daily Delicious Links March 12th

Essential 5 Freeware Utilities for Newbie Bloggers “You may be using windows, mac or linux but whatever may be the operating system, newbie bloggers must have certain utilities which will help their work done in a faster and easier way. Example, if you need to capture some screen shots, you cannot be using the basic […]

Daily Delicious Links March 11th

30 free fonts ideal for business logos | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials “We all know, it’s very important to choose the right font when working on a logo design. When speaking about business logos, we usually mean logos which are elegant, clean and not too fancy. So what kind of fonts […]

Daily Delicious Links March 4th

Today’s delicious posts is all about design. If you looking for tips and tutorials in CSS, then check out the CSS links I found. There is a lot of good information about CSS design and coding. I also found a set of  150 free paper textures for you to use in your designs. If you […]

Daily Delicious Links Feb 26th

Today’s links are for online training resources, Adobe Photoshop brushes and new blogging tool called Zemanta. If you looking for some new blogging and design resources check out these links. Software training online-tutorials for Adobe, Microsoft, Apple & more Software Training. (tags: SoftwareTraining) Adobe Photoshop Brushes Huge Collection Rapidshare, Megaupload Adobe Brushes. Huge Collection of […]