Designing a Website for Speed

Currently, around half of the world’s population is using internet, and approximately one quarter is going online via some sort of mobile devices. Clearly, opting for a responsive theme can be beneficial for your website and business, as Google loves responsive websites and ranks them high in search rankings. However, unless your responsive website provides […]

Weekly New Media News Update #2: Topics in SEO and Social Media

It’s Friday! For most it’s the end of the work week. But for others like myself, Its just another work day and work on through the weekend. For those that work to hard and need some catching up on what’s going on around the new media world, Evolutionary Designs is bringing back its weekly new […]

Add Google+ Comments to WordPress or any Website

On April 18th, 2013 Google announced that they were adding Google+ Comments to Blogger. After this announcement, developers figured out how to add Google+ Comments to non-blogger sites. Recently, I read an article by Kim about how to install Google+ Comments on your WordPress site. She had some great information about integrating Google’s comment system […]

A Look Inside Rich Snippets

If you own a website, then know that Google is constantly making changes to the search engine results page each month and because of those changes, its important to keep up with those changes. Most changes are not noticeable, but some are changes are noticeable. One of those changes was the addition of rich snippets. […]

Klout Now Integrates with Google Plus

Earlier today Klout announced that they have integrated Google Plus with the Klout system. Klout says that Google Plus was one a feature that was highly requested. Naturally I had to integrate my Klout profile with Google Plus. It will take some time before Klout can accurately record my Google Plus usage. I will give […]

Google Plus Social Network, Is it a Social Media Game Changer?

So it looks as if Google had more in mind than just adding the Google +1 voting system. Now that the Google +1 button is out and websites are adding the new buttons to their sites and articles, Google goes and creates the Google Plus social network. To setup your account, all you need is […]

What is SEO

When I work with clients or talk about what I do and services we offer through Evolutionary Designs, I often get asked the question “what is SEO?” or “what is search Engine Optimization?” Once I explain, they ask “why would someone want that and pay for that service?” After answering so many times, I came […]

Free Market Research with Google Analytics

Do you know about the free market research available from Google Analytics?  Yes, free!  95% of businesses fall into one of two categories: They think that analytics is technical and just for the tech geeks. They installed analytics with all good intentions, and never bothered to look at the reports. If that is you, then […]

Gmail Gets Drag and Drop Attachments and Insert Calendar Invitation

Yesterday on Google’s Official blog they announced two new features were added to Gmail. For those that do not use Gmail, Gmail is a popular email system that has been growing with popularity since its invite only release in 2004. What different with about these new features is that it was rolled out for general […]

Daily Delicious Posts for April 02, 2010

Today’s daily Delicious post is a short one.  I found some links to Google Chrome extensions and some comic book wallpapers. 20 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers Chrome Extension for Web Developers. (tags: GoogleChromeExtensions) For The comic Book Fan 45 Awesome Spiderman Comic Wallpapers | Superheroes Series – 1 (tags: wallpaper) Please follow […]

Google Improves Collasping Comments for Google Buzz

As many Google Buzz users know, occasionally there are times when a discussion gains in popularity, it can collect comments. As the comments collect, they collapse only after you view them. But all the new ones stay open until you view them.  If a user doesn’t visit their stream for a while the popular posts […]

You Can Now Play Quake II with HTML5

Yesterday Google released a video of their engineers playing Quake II using Safari without using plugins. The Engineers used some of their 20% time to test the limits of HTML5. Their results were an HTML5 port of Id’s Quake II game engine! Normally I would not do a post on video games, but this game […]