What Can HTML5 Microdata Do for You?

If you’re a frequent reader of Evolutionary Designs then you’ll have seen James writing about rich snippets and semantic web markup before. For those of you not familiar with the terms I’ve written a brief summary below. If you want to get straight to the article then just skip the explanations. Semantic markup – meta […]

Author hReview Goes Pro

Back in January I did a review on a new plugin called Author hReview which adds reviews features that not only helps your review stand out on your site, but also helps it stand out to the search engines by adding rich snippets (review stars 1-5) to every review to created using the plugin. After […]

A Look Inside Rich Snippets

If you own a website, then know that Google is constantly making changes to the search engine results page each month and because of those changes, its important to keep up with those changes. Most changes are not noticeable, but some are changes are noticeable. One of those changes was the addition of rich snippets. […]

Author hReviews Makes it Easy to Add Google Rich Snippets for Reviews

Do you like to do reviews about products and services on your blog. Do you companies offer products and services for you to review? If so, I have a plugin for your WordPress blog that will only help you out with your reviews. Author hReview WordPress Plugin The plugin that will help you build your […]