QuickTip: How To Install PhotoShop Brushes In GIMP

In the design world the most popular image editor and design tool is PhotoShop. With PhotoShop being the most popular tool for designers available, Most designers and design bloggers use and create resources for PhotoShop only. But PhotoShop isn’t the only image editor available. Out of all the of the editors available for people to […]

An Easy Guide to Setting Up Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

After all the issues with Facebook and their privacy settings issues, I thought I would share with everyone how you can set your privacy settings and block those from seeing your private information or even filter out what status updates and images you add by setting up friend lists. Why Would You Want Privacy On […]

GrowMaps Anti-Spambot is a Better Way to Combat Comment Spam

Today, I found out about a new Anti-spam plugin released by Growmap, and Andy of Commentluv. As of yesterday the new plugin was released to the WordPress Directory! I have been waiting for better spam fitting tools for a while, and think this plugin may be the one! What I like about this plugin is, […]

QuickTip: How To Resize Images Using GIMP

Many bloggers and social media users carry cameras with them to catch that perfect shot  or use large images on their sites and profiles. These images look good to the viewer, but it kills the site load time. Now a days, this is not a big deal as it use to be since most users […]

Back-End Solutions to Having a Quick Load-Time

There’s a long list of best practices for making your website load quickly. If you’re a design/interactive marketing agency, this is especially important. Often times you don’t have maybe have your actual website loading quickly, but other things are preventing it from being quick and snappy. A lot of these things have to do with […]

Add Search Functionality to Your Site

Do you have a search field on your WordPress site? If not, why not add one. Having your own search engine for your site will help your visitors find what they are looking for and keep them on your site longer. By using a search field, visitors can type in a set of keywords and […]

Quick Tip: How To Use GIMP to Easily and Quickly Color Correct and Image

Everyday, I see social media users upload images that need color correction. As a designer and amateur  photography fan I get turned off reading a blog or looking at images that are dull and boring. One of the easiest things you can do us a image editor and spend five minutes to correct the color […]

Gmail Gets Drag and Drop Attachments and Insert Calendar Invitation

Yesterday on Google’s Official blog they announced two new features were added to Gmail. For those that do not use Gmail, Gmail is a popular email system that has been growing with popularity since its invite only release in 2004. What different with about these new features is that it was rolled out for general […]

How to Comment Out PHP Code

At one time or another, every blogger using WordPress will come across an issue with a plugin or theme that is causing errors. If a bloggers wants to fix these types of issues they need to learn PHP to make any database coded changes to the system.  Lately, I have been going through my plugins, […]

How to Add a Facebook Fan Page Box To WordPress

Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about adding a Facebook Fan Page. Well yesterday I finally did it. It is still a bit rough and I will be working on it over time to make it better. But I at least I got the my RSS feed added to the site. […]

Blogging Tips – Starting a New Blog

Starting a New Blog When starting a blog there are many things to think about. Some of those thoughts are, what should I right about, what blogging system do I use, how do I get traffic to my site and how can I get people to comment on my sites. There are some many different […]

How to Raise Your Search Engine Rankings

I just wanted to give some quick and easy helpful tips to help you drive traffic and raise your search engine ratings. Original content is key, search Engines love new original content! They hate plagiarism and duplicate work. If you are a blogger, then writing new posts every day would be ideal. If you can […]