The Value of Blog Engage Syndication Membership

When looking for a product or service, the first thing I ask myself is “what is the value of this service/product and how could it help me?” If I find that a particular product or service that I like I will purchase it or add it to the wish list. Then I do my best […]

Tools to Make Your Link Building Life Better

We all know that high-quality inbound links are an essential ingredient in an SEO campaign.  We also all know that it can be extremely time consuming, and sometimes frustrating, looking around the web for sites to approach for links.  I’m going to show you one technique for quickly putting together a list of sites that […]

Blog Engage and It’s RSS Syndication Services

Its been a while since I last spoke about Blog Engage. So for all my new readers, I thought I would introduce you to a great social media site that offers social bookmarking for your blog articles. As I mentioned before, Blog Engage is a social bookmarking community. Not only do they offer social bookmarking, […]

Blog Engage Offers Premium RSS Syndication

This article is a review / announcement for a service that I support and the links will point you to the sales page via an affiliate link. As many of you know, I am a big fan of Blog Engage and recommend it to everyone that is looking to get more traffic and find more […]

Building Traffic Through the Power of Backlinks Part 3 WebSite Directory Submission Sites

This is a continuation of Building Traffic Through the Power of Blacklinks series. As mentioned before, building backlinks is important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting referral traffic back to your site. We have all ready gone into detail about using social media to build backlinks and using bookmarking services, such as blog […]

DesignGizer Social Bookmarking for Designers

Recently I wrote about building links through social media sites. One of the sites I had mentioned, I did not go into much detail. Several people have asked me about the site and what is it all about.  So today, I thought I would go into more detail about the site. What is DesignGizer? DesignGizer […]

MMO Social Network Gets A Facelift

For those that have been following my latest posts, I have been doing a series on building backlinks , during my lastest post, I mentioned social bookmarking sites such as MMO and Blog Engage as great ways to build backlinks and traffic back to your site. Earlier today, I logged into MMO to submit another […]

Building Traffic Through the Power of Backlinks Part 2

Recently I started a short series on building backlinks. The last article was all about building backlinks through social media. This week, I want to talk about building backlinks through social media bookmarking sites. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get your website noticed is by using social media bookmarking sites. When using […]

Building Traffic Through the Power of Backlinks Part 1

Most bloggers and designers know that one of the best and easiest ways to get traffic and backlinks to their is to comment. But creating useful and helpful comments can be hard for some or take to much time out of their busy schedules. Commenting is not something you do once or twice a day. […]

What is CommentLuv

Are you looking to get more traffic to your site, get more readers to comment on your site, and looking for more ways to get backlinks back to your site? Today I want to talk about website owner’s dream tool that can do all of the above and works with both Blogger and WordPress! What […]

Guest Post: How Simple Comments can Build High Traffic Sites

In search of more traffic for your site, looking to get more comments on your blog? You have already optimized your site and articles for search engines. You have setup a killer domain name, and you are researching and adding the best keywords for your site and articles, you even submit your articles to social […]

Weekly Link Love Feb 21

This week was great for bloggers. I read a lot of blogs this week and here are a few that I feel that are worthy of attention. So if you have not read any of these articles, I recommend catching up on the topics. Here is a list of great articles to help you with […]