The Value of Blog Engage Syndication Membership

When looking for a product or service, the first thing I ask myself is “what is the value of this service/product and how could it help me?” If I find that a particular product or service that I like I will purchase it or add it to the wish list. Then I do my best […]

Blog Engage is Offering a Free One Year Membership At Elegant Themes

Today I want to let everyone know that Blog Engage is offering a free giveaway and that give away is a one year membership at Elegant Themes. The one year membership will be paid by Brian, owner of Blog Engage. This membership will give you access to Elegant Themes all year. This means you will […]

Blog Engage Goes Invitation Only

Last week Brian of Blog Engage made a bold move on Blog He changed the enrollment process of standard registration of submitting a form to invitation only.  Brian made this move to help combat against spam accounts and other types of abuse that he has to deal with daily. Several bloggers, myself included, that […]

How to Raise Your Search Engine Rankings

I just wanted to give some quick and easy helpful tips to help you drive traffic and raise your search engine ratings. Original content is key, search Engines love new original content! They hate plagiarism and duplicate work. If you are a blogger, then writing new posts every day would be ideal. If you can […]