Adobe Photoshop CC for Beginners: Crop and Straighten Images

Its been a few months since I’ve shared tutorials from the Adobe Collection. During our last series I shared a beginner series for Adobe InDeSign and now that the series is over its time to start another series from the collection. The new series will be over Adobe Photoshop. Over the years Evolutionary Designs has […]

Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners: How to Bring in images and create graphics

As with any other graphic design tool, you need to bring files and images into the program so you can design your project. But what make’s Adobe InDesign CC different from other program is Place Command. It makes life easier and more productive when you are placing your images. Adobe InDesign CC for Beginners: How […]

InkyDeals Exclusive: The Complete Illustrator & Photoshop Addons Mega Pack + Bonus – From $49

InkyDeals is always working hard to find the best deals for designers and photographers. Once again they have put together a huge mega pack with a bonus that is heavily discounted. InkyDeals has partnered with DesignTNT to create a new mega pack of addons for Illustrator and Photoshop that features hundreds of unique design resources […]

Adobe Illustrator Beginner Tutorials: How to Save a File for Output

For our 8th and final installment in the Adobe Illustrator Beginner Tutorials is about how to save a file for output. If you missed the last article, it describes and how to add type to your projects. So if you missed this great video or new Adobe Illustrator, make sure to check the previous video. […]

BUNDLE: 450 Professional Lightroom Presets – only $12!

Earlier this week I found a great deal from Mighty Deals and for a large collection of Photoshop Actions. Even though this limited time deal is still active, Mighty Deals is now come with another great bundle deal! This time its all about LIghtroom Presets and it’s a huge bundle. This bundle has 450 […]

Vintage Lightroom Presets Collection: 106 Elegant Presets from 4 Sets – Only $15

InkyDeals does it again! They worked out another impressive deal with guys over at to sell a brand-new collection of Lightroom Presets at a huge discount! If you are editing a ton of images or even just a small amount of images, then you should be using Lightroom. Lightroom is like Photoshop, but it […]

The Future of Adobe Fireworks

Last Monday, Adobe announced the latest generation of Creative tools know as CC (Creative Cloud). This tools set includes great creative tools and design resources such as Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Edge Animate CC and many more. But with this announcement, it didn’t include an updated to Fireworks CS6. What Does this Mean for Fireworks […]

10 of Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in December

Its that time again for another list of best PhotoShop tutorials created each month. This month there were not as many created as in other months. So I took a few of my favorites. I gathered tutorials that will teach you how to use blending tools, filters and how to use selection tools to pull […]

13 PhotoShop Actions To Add To Your Design Toolbox

Are you PhotoShop user that tends to have projects where you have to do a certain sequence of commands to over and over again or large batch of images that need a lot work? PhotoShop has a feature where you can create  playback for a set commands that you can save and us it whenever […]

Fresh and New PhotoShop Tutorials Created in October

Its the end of the month and there are some new PhotoShop Tutorials available to try out. There have already been several site sharing lists, so I thought I would share some of my favorites and ones that will be more useful for everyday users and those interested in learning Photoshop. This month’s tutorials were […]

How To Fade An Image Into The background With Adobe Photoshop CS4

Have you ever created or found that perfect background image but it just wouldn’t work on your website or your design project because you couldn’t repeat the pattern or just looked” funny” when the background image met the background color? Or have you ever wanted to learn how to fade images so it looks like […]

Tools I use for Designing and Blogging

Recently, I have had several readers ask me what tools I use for my design work and blog work. Today, I thought I would share those tools with my readers. As a designer and blogger, I use a wide variety of tools. Some of those are expensive and some are free. First, I want to […]