Fresh and New PhotoShop Tutorials Created in October

Its the end of the month and there are some new PhotoShop Tutorials available to try out. There have already been several site sharing lists, so I thought I would share some of my favorites and ones that will be more useful for everyday users and those interested in learning Photoshop.

This month’s tutorials were good ones, but a lot of them were related to Halloween and not so much on general tutorials. So I have compiled a list of few that were not Halloween tutorials.

Latest Photoshop Tutorials

1.  Advanced Masking Method 1

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010 For me, one of the hardest things to do in photoshop is masking objects and replacing the background with another. But Javier from Designer Freelance, shows one method that might help with this type of design work. This tutorial covers the method of masking called Calculations.  Javier says that this technique is designed to work with more complicated images, such as hair. In this tutorial he will use calculations and the pen tool to create the above image. This tutorial is for a more advanced user. I recommend this as an advanced tutorial mainly because of using the selection pen tool and it takes patience to create something like this.

2. How to create a Raindrops Bokeh Texture

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010

The bokeh effect is a popular trend, that is popping up on websites and other design projects. Almost daily I come across a website or a product that uses this effect or their website. Creating this effect seems like it would be hard, but it really isn’t. There are so many different ways to create this effect, this article shows one of those ways. Javier from Designer Freelancer does again, one commenter from Advanced Masking Method tutorial asked him to create a tutorial on how he did the bokeh effect. This tutorial is the results. Check it out, the tutorial easy to follow and is easy to recreate this design as well. Knowing how to do this effect could come in handy if you ever decide you want to add this to your website. This is a good beginner tutorial.

3. Giving your Photograph an Antique Look

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010 Some design projects may call for a modern imaged to be aged or antiqued to go with the theme. There are several different ways to create an antique look. One of the simplest ways I found to do this, is in a tutorial created by Johnson Koh. He simplifies the process and make it easy. This tutorial is suitable for beginners.

4. How to design a wedding template in Photoshop

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010 Another popular trend I am starting to see is, couples creating basic HTML websites for their weddings to go along with their other sources to get the word out about their wedding. Building these sites are pretty easy. If you have any skills with PhotoShop, you can build awedding website for your wedding or if you are wedding photographer wanting to offer addition services to your clients, you can build wedding templates for them. This tutorial is an easy to build a website. If you do not like the design, you can change up the colors the images, and keep just the basic boxes (boxes are containers used in web design). Once you are finished with this design, you can over your photoshop file to a photoshop (psd) to an HTML coder to convert your design into a website. This tutorial is a good beginner tutorial. The tutorial uses a lot of different tools that beginners will need to know to be successful with PhotoShop.

5. Correct Skin Imperfections with a natural look

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010

There are so many skin correction tutorials available for us to try out. Javier with Designer Freelance, shares with us his techniques for correcting skin imperfections. His tutorials only takes a few minutes and he uses smart filters to fix the skin imperfections but it leaves some of the texture alone and it looks natural. This is another good one for beginners. You could use this to clean up your headshots and give your images more of a professional look to them.

6. Design a creative portfolio in Photoshop

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010

This tutorial is all about clean web layouts that use illustrations as a background. This is another one of those tutorials that uses a lot of important tools in PhotoShop. So even if you are not planning on doing website layouts, this would be a good one to do to get to know the tools and how they work. This tutorial is suitable for PhotoShop users at the beginner level.

7. The creation of The Choice, a dramatic and fantasy photo-manipulation

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010

To create surreal and abstract artwork, digital artist may use several images and select parts of all them and combine them to create one design project. This kind of work is sometimes call photo-manipulation. Learning to manipulate images is an important part of design. Even if a designer is not working on an abstract project, they will often use these same techniques to create graphic design projects. This tutorial is not easy, you need to have advanced skills to create to successfully recreate this project.

8. How To Give Your Photos a Dark Processed Lomo Effect

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010 Another popular trend is to give certain types of images a dark lomo style effect. The lomo effect is popular in fashion shots and advertisement designs. This tutorial teaches us how to create a lomo effect with high contrast, blue tones and vignette burns.  This is a great tutorial and can help us take an ordinary image and give more impact. This tutorial is not to hard and most beginners should be able to follow and complete this design.

9. Photoshop Blending Modes: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks me one of the hardest things to figure out is the PhotoShop Blending modes. I know, that the blending tool is your friend when comes to combining layers together to get a color effect. I found this tutorial that explains how blending modes work and which are the most popular to use.  If your new to Photoshop or unsure how blending modes work in PhotoShop, check out this article, its covers everything you need to know to get started using blending modes.

10. How to Creat an HDR Image in Adobe CS5

Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in Oct. 2010If you have a DSLR camera and you are comfortable with Photoshop, then you may want to check out this tutorial. Its all about creating HDR images. Basically you take two or three images using different settings on your camera and use Photoshop to blend them. This a great tutorial and if you are interested in HDR and want to give it a try this a good tutorial to try HDR with. If you do not have an DSLR or still new to Photoshop, I would not attempt this tutorial.

11. How To Fade An Image Into The background With Adobe Photoshop CS4 This final tutorial is one I created earlier this week, it is a beginner level tutorial designed for new users or PhotoShop users that need to learn how to fade images into the background. Its a very easy tutorial and only takes a few minutes to complete.


This month, there were not to many tutorials created, the ones listed here are some of the more useful ones. If you know of any or have tried any of these, let us know what you thought and share your work with us.

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  1. I am so frustrated that I still do not use PhotoShop as my imaging tool as I have Corel’s Paint for a while now. Your tutorials certainly make it easy for users to understand and adventure into PhotoShop. Maybe one of these days I’ll just jump into it, unless of course you know of a PhotoShop open source, :).
    DiTesco recently posted..AdSense Checklist Is Perfect For Beginners And Existing UsersMy Profile

    • Hi DiTesco,

      PohotoShop is a very powerful tool. In the design world, its the most popular tool to use. However, there are several free and open source image editor (photoshop like tools) out there. I am researching some of different open source image editors out there.

      One of my favorite open editors is GIMP, its hard to use and there aren’t that many tuts out there. Keep in touch more tuts on image editing tools will be coming out shortly…

  2. I once used GIMP as photshop was giving errors on laucnh and my experience with GIMP was terrible and I am back with Photoshop now.

  3. That was great. I like the idea about the adobe. The picture look nice when you edit in the photoshop. Thank you.


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