Adobe Photoshop CC for Beginners: Crop and Straighten Images

Its been a few months since I’ve shared tutorials from the Adobe Collection. During our last series I shared a beginner series for Adobe InDeSign and now that the series is over its time to start another series from the collection. The new series will be over Adobe Photoshop. Over the years Evolutionary Designs has […]

How Using Video in Your Web Design Can Increase Your Site’s Popularity

Video has come a long way from the grainy, halting and slow clips that used to be common on websites more than 5 years ago. Increased access to broadband internet, better video encoding technology and the proliferation of extremely capable multimedia friendly mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are all factors that have enormously […]

Picasa Gets Unlimited Storage for Pictures and Better Tagging When Using Google Plus

Last week the Google Plus Network was launched. Although the network is still in closed beta you can get your invites through your friends and you can request an invite from Google Plus. When I first wrote about Google Plus, I was hesitant to think that Google Plus would be a social media game changer […]

7 Tactics To Do Before You Start an SEO Campaign That will Help You Do Better SEO

Over the Holidays I had some extra time to catch up on my SEO studies and I came across a video on SEOMoz about tactics that an everyone that does SEO should do before start working on SEO for a sites. Even if you are working on a site and won’t be launching a new […]