How to Squeeze Out More Social Traffic with Images

Please permit me to start this article with a question. What do you think is the most shared item on the social sites? If you said “images” you are right. Be it Facebook, twitter or Pinterest – the current image/photo banker we have on the internet now, images have high tendencies of being shared and […]

Are Original Images As Important As Original Content?

So many essential factors affect your blog’s orientation. However, there is a recurring point of consideration for every aspect – Originality. It is an accepted fact that you have to work to create original content. Your posts have to stand out as your authentic opinion on your niche’s important topics. However, images are just as […]

Picasa Gets Unlimited Storage for Pictures and Better Tagging When Using Google Plus

Last week the Google Plus Network was launched. Although the network is still in closed beta you can get your invites through your friends and you can request an invite from Google Plus. When I first wrote about Google Plus, I was hesitant to think that Google Plus would be a social media game changer […]