Google+ Pages gets Multiple Managers!

Earlier today, I was checking out the Google Blog to see if there have been any new updates to Google+ and came across a blog entry mentioning Google+ Pages. Even though Google just released Google+ pages just a short time ago, they have been listening to user feed back and they added the three most […]

Post Your Google Plus Updates to Your WordPress Blog

Last week I came across a great plugin that can auto post your Google Plus Updates to WordPress. The Plugin is Google+Blog and the way it works is that it will automatically retrieve your public posts and comments associate with them and create a WordPress Plugin and add the Google Plus comments. To see the […]

Google Plus Cheat Sheet

Its been almost two months since the Google Plus Network was released and so far it taking the social media community by storm. We are seeing major probloggers and social media guys leaving Facebook and other sites for Google Plus. If you haven’t made the move yet or just made that move, then you need […]

QuickTip: How to Opt out of Google Plus Email Notifications

Now that Google Plus Network is one of the more popular social media networks, its time to shut down those annoying email notifications. If you are like me, you spend a lot of time on there. If that’s the case, then you are engaging with those in your circles and those that you are following. […]

Get an Easy to Remember Google Plus Network Profile URL

If you have been using Google Plus Network, you know how ugly and hard it is to remember your profile URL. Currently Google Plus doesn’t offer a Google Plus Vanity URL. Currently from what I found about why doesn’t offer a vanity URL, they believe that if they offer vanity URLs it might leave users […]

Mash UP #16: Its All About Google Plus Social Network, tutorials, Articles, and Cheat Sheets

This week instead doing a regular Mash Up, I decided to share with you some of my favorite articles, tutorials, and cheat sheets for the Google Plus Network. After deciding to create this list, I found that my good buddy, Hesham of Famous Bloggers beat me to the list. So, instead of sharing every one […]

QuickTip: How To Mention Someone in the Google Plus Network

Earlier someone asked me how to mention someone on the Google Plus Network and have the status link to that person’s profile. Once figuring out how to mention someone on Google plus I decided to see how many tutorials or mentions of how to do this on the web. I found only a few articles. […]

Picasa Gets Unlimited Storage for Pictures and Better Tagging When Using Google Plus

Last week the Google Plus Network was launched. Although the network is still in closed beta you can get your invites through your friends and you can request an invite from Google Plus. When I first wrote about Google Plus, I was hesitant to think that Google Plus would be a social media game changer […]