Are Original Images As Important As Original Content?

So many essential factors affect your blog’s orientation. However, there is a recurring point of consideration for every aspect – Originality. It is an accepted fact that you have to work to create original content. Your posts have to stand out as your authentic opinion on your niche’s important topics. However, images are just as […]

The Importance of Comment Section Styling and How To

Comments on your blog posts are a literal meter for the number of people who not only read your post but also take the time and interest to let you know about it. Comments can be appreciative or even critical, but in any form, they refer to the fact that the readers are reading what […]

Blog And Image Layouts: Get Them Right for the Right Impression

Your blog has to counter a heavy competitive stretch even from the first time that you develop your idea for a blog. Therefore, you have to build each step with enough perfection to warrant a click from your visitors. Much before you move on to advanced steps like developing the content or leaning on the […]

How To Invite Blogging Partners On Board

Blogging is a never ending process. As you blog, you are compelled to stretch your blogging boundaries. In order to fill these ever expanding horizons you need supporting hands. During the initial days of your blogging, you might be able to manage most of the work yourself. As you dig deep into blogging, your two […]