A collection Of Cheat Sheets that Every Web Developer Can Use

The one thing that annoys me about web design and coding in general is forgetting certain elements in the code or what tag I need to make the element in the design do what I want. When I am working on a project, I have several reference sites open, hand written notes, and coding lay […]

What Are Margins and Padding in CSS

Have you ever notice that some websites or when you working on a blog post your text wrapping around an image and the text is right up against or overlapping the image? Ugly right? Well, there is fix for this. You can use CSS or cascading style sheets to fix this. When you want to […]

Use The Canvas Element in HTML To create Graphics

I often see articles, tutorials and info sites focusing HTML5 and from those articles I see a lot of benefits to HTML5. At the same time, I get clients and friends asking me about what’s HTML and do they do they need it on their sites. To be honest,  you do not really or at […]

6+ New CSS Tutorials You May Not Have Read Yet

Over the last few days I spent some more time reading and studying a new list of SS tutorials. Every chance I get, read over CSS blogs and tutorials sites finding the latest CSS guides out there and learning what I can. Cascading Style Sheets are found in every modern website. As a designer and […]

PHP Tutorials For Beginners – Daily Delicious Links April 16th 2010

Today I spent some time going over PHP tutorials. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite sites and tutorials covering PHP. PHP coding is not a strong point. My PHP skills are limited to editing and adding code to a WordPress theme. But I do like working with PHP and plan […]

110+ CSS Resources and Tutorials

Cascading style sheets (CSS) were created to define how HTML elements will display. CSS can be implemented on the index page or as a stand alone file. In most cases, I would recommend using an external style because you can easily make changes to the style sheet by updating the code and simply replacing the […]