4 Ways Website Design Affects Your Marketing Efforts

Some businesses create a website that is attractive, eye-catching and even interesting in different ways. However, your website should also be designed with the needs of your target audience in mind. This is a marketing tool that may be the main initial contact that your customers have with the company. They may create a solid […]

5 Mobile Marketing Tools to Put on Your Radar

Mobile marketing is all the rage these days, and we can confidently state that there is much more to this thing than hype. Statistics show that mobile makes up 10% of the world’s internet usage. That may not seem like a significant number, but it indicates how fast the phenomenon is penetrating through the global […]

What is Tycoon Blogger

As you can tell I am on a blogging and marketing resources kick this week. If you are here to read more about design, I promise to move more in that direction next week. But this week is all about sharing some of my favorite places I like to read, comment on and learn about […]

Have You Heard of iBlogZone

On a previous article, I wrote about Famous Bloggers and all the benefits of Famous Bloggers. Famous Bloggers is a great place to learn more about blogging and social media, but what if you want more or you are looking to motenize your blog. Today I would like to introduce you to Francisco Perez, AKA […]