Weekly Mash Up #32: Topics in Design, Freelance, Marketing, and Photoshop Brush Freebies

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The CommentLuv Plugin It’s Sunday night, so that means its time for the Weekly Mash Up. This week was a busy one for me, but I did get some time to read a few articles on my favorite sites. Out of what I read, I found a eleven articles I thought you guys might like.  This week’s topics include design, freelance, marketing and even some Photoshop Brush Freebies.

The Mash Up

So take a look at the articles and tell us what you think of them. If you want your articles featured on our Mash Up, start commenting, sharing articles and talking with me on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. The more I know about you and your website, the better chance I have of finding you on the web!

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How to monetize design with no clients | Webdesigner Depot


“Whether you’re just starting out or have hit a dry spell, there may come a point in time where you have to find a way to make your money without design clients.”

Simple Web Design Tips for Social Media Icons – Speckyboy Design


“Social media integration helps you promote your website and reach a wider customer base globally. In order to increase the base of your ‘fans’ and ‘followers’, high importance must be given to the design and the positioning …”

Principles and Features of Effective Web Design | Web instantShift


“Websites can have many requirements. The purpose of your web page—that is, what you want to accomplish with your web page—is important to identify before, Web Designers and Developers Daily Resource.”

Create Killer Landing Pages to Convert Web Traffic into instantShift


“Do you sell a product or service online? Even if it’s Website Design and Website Development services, that counts. Anyone who is trying to sell a product or, Web Designers and Developers Daily Resource.”

How to Get The Most Out of Your .htaccess File – instantShift


“If you’ve been a web designer for any length of time, chances are you’ve run across the mysterious .htacess file at one point or another. Others may ask,, Web Designers and Developers Daily Resource.”


How To Put Together a Solid Freelance Portfolio – Web Design Ledger


“Working as a freelancer is a tough job with long hours at the desk. You’re always scrambling from one task to the next figuring out the best way to accomplish.”

5 Tips for Building Trust with Your Clients – Six Revisions


In freelance work, a relationship between you and the client needs to have trust in order for it to flourish. These tips will help earn a your clients’ trust.”

10 Outstanding Tools to Build Portfolio Easily and Professionally – 1stwebdesigner


“If you’ve been working as almost any kind of creative, you probably know that a piece of paper with fancy stamps do not always guarantees work. And you also know that having a beautiful and clear portfolio that represents you is essential. Recently we published an inspirational article regarding successful designer portfolios. But I’m not a designer and I can’t create that kind of website on my own, you’d probably say. What to do then? Pay someone a big amount of money for your website? I hold that the content stands over the packaging and it doesn’t make a big difference if your portfolio cost you thousands of dollars or couple of sandwiches. It’s much better to focus on your work and leave its presentation on safe hands. That’s why for this roundup we’ve prepared a list of 10 tools that will help you build a portfolio easily and professionally.” This is an old article, but I stumbled across it while reading some articles on here.


Marketing Techniques for Any New Website Web Design Ledger


“Whenever you’re putting a new website online there’s no simple way to attract lots of visitors. Social media allows for a much faster viral growth process. “


10 Fantastic Free Photoshop Brushsets for Photo PSD Vault


“In Part I of this series, I will showcase 10 Fantastic Free Photoshop Brushsets for Photo Manipulation Works. I have included a brief description of the brushsets and how you can use them in front of the brush image. Hope you …”

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