Weekly Mash Up #31: Topics in Blogging, Design, Development, Freelance, SEO, WordPress

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Try out CurationSoft Today for FREE!It’s the start of a new week so its time for the Weekly Mash Up! I hope you guys had a great week/weekend. My was great, got some extra IT consulting in and even had some time to work on my photography, wrote another article for the photography blog, and make a short road trip out to Quinlan, TX for a little exploring and photo shooting.

The Weekly Mash Up

This week’s Mash Up is only nine links. But they are very useful and worth the read. So make sure to check them out and let us know what you thought.  As the title suggests, I found some great articles in blogging advice, , design/development, freelance advice, Google Panda Update (SEO related), and some Free responsive WordPress themes you might want to checkout (I haven’t tested them, so I can’t recommend them.)

Blogging Tips

Seven Tips to Help You Write Better Blog Posts – Daily Blog Tips


“Are your blog posts as well-written as you’d like them to be? Many people who get into blogging don’t see themselves as writers. They might not have written much in the past – and may even have been put off by poor marks …”

Why Freelance Designers Should Blog | BittBox


“Most freelance designers have websites that showcase their portfolios. That’s a very good thing. However, I’ve also noticed that many freelance designers don’t have blogs. That’s not such a good thing. In this post, I’ll explain …”

Design and Development

8 Must Have Design & Dev Goods at Bargain Inspired Magazine


“This is what I call an amazing week! Not only there were tons of new app releases and the device that transforms the iPad into a telepresence robot entered the production phase, but we actually had the chance to pick 8 totally amazing deals …”

3 CSS Effects You Can Use in Your Sites Today | Fuel Your Creativity


“Controlling how your website looks is an aspect that website designers have been struggling with from day one. The web really hasn’t been around that long, and things have been progressing at a steady pace. With each …”


101 Ways to Improve Your Freelance Brand – Freelance Switch


“Creating a great brand is essential to the success of your freelance business. Go beyond the skin and dig for the core of your brand identity with lots of tips.”

5 Real Reasons Why You Don’t Earn What You Freelance Folder


“You’ve been reading the freelancing blogs and forums. Everyone else seems to be making a good living, but you’re still really struggling. Yet, you know that.”

Should You Go with Your Gut? | FreelanceFolder


“Did you ever have that sinking feeling that a project you are about to start isn’t going to go right? You’ve checked the client out thoroughly and they.”


Google Penguin: what do we have to fear? | Webdesigner Depot


“Do you know why your clients’ websites have been losing traffic over the last few months? It most likely has nothing to do with your design skills, or how.”


15 Free WordPress themes to get you started Webdesigner Depot


“Have you ever gone to a website using anything other than your desktop or laptop (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and had a bit of a struggle enjoying the site..”

If you are interested in the format of Evolutionary Design’s Weekly Mash Up, we use CurationSoft to find the articles, to copy the name, link location, and the first few sentences of the articles. I then add quotes and italicized to the copied text. The Free version only allows you use the blog search to find articles to share. But with the premium version you can find topics from at least eight different sources. So check it out today.

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