Why Not Use Facebook To Promote Your Bling Business?

Even though the world is still in the grips of a pretty severe financial recession, there are many people who love to look their best when they go out. And this usually means wearing some seriously stylish clothes all garnished with wicked jeweler. Gold and diamonds are still a great investment option and both antique […]

Introducing the Facebook Marketing for Smart People

Recently, I had the privilege of previewing a new Facebook marking book by a favorite blogger of mine, Faissal Al-Haithami of fansbridge.com. and I have to say it is full of great information about Facebook and how use it as a marketing tool. A Little Information about Faissal Originally, I came across Faissal through a […]

Mash Up #10

Hi guys, its time for the weekly Mashup! This week was another busy week and I didn’t get much time to spend reading articles. This week’s Mash Up is very short. I have six great articles to share with everyone. Those articles are about blog topics to write about, Facebook marketing, 2 great articles about […]