Can You Really Sell Your Home Using Facebook

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Social media has been around for a few years now and Facebook is probably the biggest of all of the platforms right now. Over half a billion individuals log into this site on a regular basis, and that is a lot of internet usage! As well as the usual trivial status updates, there is a very professional side to Facebook that business users are starting to catch onto. There is huge potential market just waiting and using Facebook as a vehicle for promoting your business is absolutely free. That situation may well change in the future as more and more money is being made from this social media site. Realtors are amongst the numbers of professionals making a fast buck from Facebook, and homeowners are also doing pretty well. This article looks at some of the ways you can improve your chances of selling your home using Facebook.

First Steps

Assuming that you already have a fair number of friends on the site, you could perhaps create a new fan page and upload photos of your property. Videos are also a good idea but ensure that your home looks as good as it possibly can. Invite your friends to comment on your place and encourage them to follow suite with their own properties. People love sharing their success stories with others and you’ll soon have a busy page that is very popular.


Once you are happy that your fan page has enough ‘likes’ and is visited on a regular basis, you can break the news about your impending move. One of the slicker ways to do this is by creating a new website for the sole use of your house sale. This will avoid any messy crossovers with other peoples’ home videos and photos. Place a link to this site on your personal Facebook page and write a little promotional post on your fan page. Tis will allow your followers and friends to hear the news.

Video Tips

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a real impression on your potential buyers and viewers. You need to promote any unique selling points and avoid anything that puts your home in a negative light. It is worth getting an experienced individual to shoot the video as first impressions really do count. Try and work out the best aspect of each room and make the most of your exterior space, these details will really help to attract viewings.

Website Details

Your website should be uncluttered with a lot of clarity regarding your home’s details. Include the vital information regarding dimensions and utilities, but don’t go overboard. Your viewers will have plenty of time to ask you more specific questions. Quite often a cynical viewer can be swayed by some positive visual aspects when they come in person. Even though you should push your video and photo aspects to the max, ensure that they show a realistic representation of your home. We can all work wonders with post-shot editing, but this will only lead to disappointment for both parties.

Sit Back And Wait!

As long as your house is as good as it looks and you are asking a realistic price, you will be getting some interest. Just remember to price the property according to the market value, not what you think it is worth   – Good Luck!

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This guest post is authored by Alden Parker. He works as a financial advisor at a leading company that specializes in mortgage refinance in Toronto. He loves blogging and shares many useful tips involved with finance.

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This article was written by a guest writer and Evolutionary Designs may or may not agree with what is written. Please contact us if you have any questions about the writer or if you want to guest write for us.

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