QuickTip: Format Your Google Plus Statuses

One of the things I like about Google Plus is they are trying to build a great user experience for everyone. They are adding new features and refining features that have issues. One of the features that I like is the ability to format your Google Plus statuses. Although formatting of status updates isn’t a […]

QuickTip: How To Find the Permalink for a Google Plus Status Update

Just like most social networks, each status update in Google Plus gets its own permalink (web URL). If you ever need access to a status update, all you have to do is click on the timestamp in the top left corner next to the user name. This will then open up that status’ web page. […]

Mash UP #16: Its All About Google Plus Social Network, tutorials, Articles, and Cheat Sheets

This week instead doing a regular Mash Up, I decided to share with you some of my favorite articles, tutorials, and cheat sheets for the Google Plus Network. After deciding to create this list, I found that my good buddy, Hesham of Famous Bloggers beat me to the list. So, instead of sharing every one […]

QuickTip: How To Mention Someone in the Google Plus Network

Earlier someone asked me how to mention someone on the Google Plus Network and have the status link to that person’s profile. Once figuring out how to mention someone on Google plus I decided to see how many tutorials or mentions of how to do this on the web. I found only a few articles. […]

Picasa Gets Unlimited Storage for Pictures and Better Tagging When Using Google Plus

Last week the Google Plus Network was launched. Although the network is still in closed beta you can get your invites through your friends and you can request an invite from Google Plus. When I first wrote about Google Plus, I was hesitant to think that Google Plus would be a social media game changer […]

4 Ways to Interact with Your Facebook Fans

Want to have highly active fans in your Facebook page? You need to know how to make your Fans Active for any Update you do. You will need to make your fans so hot for your news or update. latterly you really should invest your time on this, because the number of followers isn’t as […]

Google Plus Social Network, Is it a Social Media Game Changer?

So it looks as if Google had more in mind than just adding the Google +1 voting system. Now that the Google +1 button is out and websites are adding the new buttons to their sites and articles, Google goes and creates the Google Plus social network. To setup your account, all you need is […]

The Best WordPress Social Media Sharing and Marketing Plugins of 2011

Once you have your WordPress blog created and have your SEO plugins in place, you need to add your social media and marketing plugins to your site. Usually I recommend not adding to many plugins to your site at first but I do recommend getting your social sharing buttons setup. Before setting up your social […]

Generate Traffic and Build Your Social Network with Blokube Social Bookmarking

Are you a social bookmarking user looking for another bookmarking site to share and engage with the community? Is your regular social bookmarking community not cutting it anymore? If so, I have the site for you. The site I have for you is Blokube. Blokube is a newer social bookmarking community that I found a […]

The New Klout – Preview

Earlier today I received an email from Klout about their new beta site. The email says simply login into your account and click out the the new Klout in beta. Since I use Klout and from time-to-time I do like to check my stats out, I just had to see for myself what the new […]

Its Final Delicious has A New Owner and They Aren’t Shutting Down Delicious!

Late last night I received an email from Yahoo! Since I never get emails from Yahoo!, I was curious to see what it was about. To my surprise, it was an announcement that Delicious was sold to AVOS, the creators of YouTube. The best part is that AVOS is keeping the services alive and will […]