Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic

Earlier today, the Hootsuite Blog announced that they have acquired Seesmic. By purchasing Seesmic, Hootsuite can now put even more powerful tools into the hands of Hootsuite Business Users. Image source: Hootsuite Blog Both Hootsuite and Seesmic have always had a healthy competition and both companies have many similar beliefs in their services and business […]

Hootsuite Hits 2 Million Sign Ups!

Back in November 2010, Hootsuite hit the one million mark for new signups. Now Just a few months later, they hit two million signups! For those that do not know about Hootsuite, it is a Twitter client and more. Its your personal media sharing tool. You can send a status to variety social networks and […]

Hootsuite Brings Back Pending Tweets Column!

Last Wednesday I wrote an article about Hootsuite and the new Publisher features. During this upgrade, they removed the Pending Tweets Column from the dashboard in favor of the Calendar View under the publisher tab. As of Yesterday (June 23rd, 2011), Hootsuite gave us back our Pending Tweets Column by popular demand. Pending Tweets Column […]

Streamline Your Social Media Status Updates With the New Hootsuite Publisher

Hootsuite does it again! They have added even more great features to their already feature packed dashboard. Now they gone and streamlined your scheduled updates, selection of profiles, and broadcast messages to your audiences. Scheduling Your Status Updates across Multiple Networks Just Got Easier! Do you schedule a lot of tweets, do you schedule updates […]

Hootsuite Now Offers Custom Social Analytic Reports

Since Hootsuite was released, the creators have worked at keeping Hootsuite as one of the best and most popular Twitter clients available. Hootsuite has worked from the beginning to create the best user experience that you can get from a Twitter  client. The creators, listen to their users requests and added features such as monitor […]

Hootsuite Has Introduced Freemium Plans

Earlier today Hootsuite annouced that they are now offering premium packaged plans designed for businesses and organizations, but will continue to offer a free verison for their customers. The packages are tiered to provide useful tools to as many customers as possible and provide advanced tools to those customers who need the business features. The […]

Quick Tip: Learn How to Integrate Google Analytics with Hootsuite5

Recently Hootsuite released their new version of their Twitter client Hootsuite5.  In this version they made a lot of changes for the good of the client. One of the new features is the integration of Google Analytics. This feature is going to be asset to any web designer, SEO consultant, and anyone who maintains a […]

Quick Tip: How to Turn Off Auto ReTweets in Hootsuite

Recently Hootsuite upgraded their Twitter Client to Hootsuite5. During this upgrade they made some changes to how you can ReTweet someone’s status update. It looks like by default (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) , auto web ReTweets are turned on. When go to retweet,  you click to retweet someone tweet, instead bringing up […]

Twitter Users Have You Tried Hootsuit5 Yet?

Earlier today, while logging into Hootsuite , I received an announcement form the creators of Hootsuite announcing that Hootsuite5 was rolled out earlier this morning! So far, I love it. What this Means For Hootsuite Users Hootsuite developers made huge changes the Twitter client. They started with a revamping the HTML5 user interface. Hootuiste made […]

Hootsuite Versus TweetDeck

Image via Wikipedia A few weeks ago Dennis Edell wrote a post asking for people to review both Twitter and Hootsuite. Originally this post was going to be posted over at his site Dennis Edell | Personal Coaching, due to issues, I decided to post it here. I have been using Twitter a little over […]

Hootsuite Adds New URL Shortener Options

Today Hootsuite made some changes to the way they shorten URLs. Now they give the user the option between Ow.ly and Ht.ly as shorteners. Ow.ly has been updated to remove the social bar (high jacked browser frame and URL!) If the user prefers to use the social bar the user simply goes into their preferences […]

Twitter Releases Hovercard

Back in February Twitter announced a new feature that they would be releasing a new feature called Hovercard. Hovercards are cards that appear when a user hovers over the avatar or username another user in their Twitter stream. The user card that appears will display the users profile information and allow to follow them, while […]