Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic

Earlier today, the Hootsuite Blog announced that they have acquired Seesmic. By purchasing Seesmic, Hootsuite can now put even more powerful tools into the hands of Hootsuite Business Users. Image source: Hootsuite Blog Both Hootsuite and Seesmic have always had a healthy competition and both companies have many similar beliefs in their services and business […]

Use Hootsuite To Manage and Automate Google+ Pages

When it comes to social media, I’m very picky about the networks and the tools I use. One tool that I use, trust, use daily, and I recommend to anyone/company needing an easy way to manage their social media campaigns is Hootsuite. It does it all, it can manage your Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, LinkedIn, […]

Hootsuite Adds AutoSchedule to Their Hootlet

Do you use Twitter? If not, why? Twitter is a great way to market your company, services, blog, and get your name out there. You can use Twitter as a way to share, communicate with your fans, friends, family, and network with others interested in same niches as you. You can even use Twitter to […]

Hootsuite Brings Back Pending Tweets Column!

Last Wednesday I wrote an article about Hootsuite and the new Publisher features. During this upgrade, they removed the Pending Tweets Column from the dashboard in favor of the Calendar View under the publisher tab. As of Yesterday (June 23rd, 2011), Hootsuite gave us back our Pending Tweets Column by popular demand. Pending Tweets Column […]

Streamline Your Social Media Status Updates With the New Hootsuite Publisher

Hootsuite does it again! They have added even more great features to their already feature packed dashboard. Now they gone and streamlined your scheduled updates, selection of profiles, and broadcast messages to your audiences. Scheduling Your Status Updates across Multiple Networks Just Got Easier! Do you schedule a lot of tweets, do you schedule updates […]

Hootsuite Now Offers Custom Social Analytic Reports

Since Hootsuite was released, the creators have worked at keeping Hootsuite as one of the best and most popular Twitter clients available. Hootsuite has worked from the beginning to create the best user experience that you can get from a Twitter  client. The creators, listen to their users requests and added features such as monitor […]

Twitter Tools That I Can’t Live Without

Using Twitter is not only about creating guidelines and following those, its about tweeting content to your followers and engaging with them. When tweeting content, it should be relevant to your niche. If it’s not relevant then you could start loosing your followers. So in general, try and keep your tweets on topic. But at […]

Guidelines I Follow When Using Twitter

Today, I that I would share with some tips and resources for new Twitter users and those Twitter users looking for advice on how to better use Twitter. This article will be broken down into two parts because there is simply too much information to list in one article. Part two will be posted next […]

How to Avoid Going Pro With Hootsuite

About a month ago I wrote an article about Hootsuite Pro and what Hootsuite users who want stick with the Free version but still needs features of the pro version. In that article I mentioned different services that we can use that will do the same things as Hootsuite, but you have to use several […]

Twitter’s "onMouseOver" incident Resolved

Earlier this week I reported a security flaw with "onMouseOver" links on the website only caused third party websites to popup whenever a user mousedover certain links. A few minutes ago, I was checking on Twitter’s blog to see what the status was on the security flaw and see if they made a statement as […]

Caution: Twitter Mousover Security Flaw

Earlier today  Sophos website released a warning about Twitter mouseover and how some users are exploiting a new security flaw using mouseovers. This exploit causes popups and thirdparty websites to popup in your browser by just moving your mouse over the link. Right now most users are using the exploit to create a rainbow effect […]

Separating your Social Profiles: Professional or Personal?

Social media sites have surpassed television as a way to spend time, but they also present a number of great opportunities for businesses to stay in touch with their clientele. Having a strong social media presence today is comparable to having active television ad campaigns in the past. If you plan to incorporate social networking […]