How Deep Neural Networks Could Help Marketers Make Better Audience Personas on Social Media

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One of the biggest success stories of our times has been the advent of social media. It gains subscribers immensely faster irrespective of age group, social preferences, race, color, and gender than any other sort of business out there. This exhaustive conglomeration of people from all over the world under the hues of singular platforms, which don’t generate content by themselves, has been of immense interest to marketers and brands since their inception.

How Deep Neural Networks Could Help Marketers Make Better Audience Personas on Social Media


The immense popularity of social media networks has been accredited towards their power to customize the experience for each and every single user by amassing a huge database of personal likes, dislikes, preferences, and inclinations. Users become more and more indulgent with each passing hour spent on one of these platforms because what they see is a highly accurate reflection of their own mind and selves. But this very feature also helps social media firms to create diverse audience personas which are then offered to marketers in mightily effective packages to target specified consumer bases. Image Source: Pixabay

Why do we need effective consumer personas?

Demarcating consumer personalities in a highly effective manner has been one of the most sought after commodities in the marketing domain and social media firms helped marketers to reach out to their target audiences in one of the most optimized manners ever invented.

For e.g. you are a marketer for a firm which provides cruise ship journeys and you are targeting a specific audience which should contain a certain set of characteristics like high average yearly income, has a propensity to travel frequently and an inclination towards adventurism. The social media firms can definitely help you target a consumer base strikes the checkbox for the first two characteristics but they only have a vague set of data on who actually is adventurous.

Even the correct set of information emanating from the first two factors would help the marketer bring in valuable leads and conversions but the third factor is still out of the reach of the current level of technologies to gauge in an effective manner. The marketer gets its way to a certain degree, which is highly valuable, but is there a way to improve the figures by arranging crucial data for the third factor is well? This piece of small data could be one of the last frontiers for marketers in an effort to optimize all the checkboxes in their consumer personas and it’s immensely crucial. But how do we get there?

Is there a way to provide access to lesser intelligible and subtle cues offered by users?

To achieve a high degree of precision when it comes to information on perfecting the data for consumer personas when it comes to things like the third factor in the aforementioned example, we would need to delve deeper yet into the mind of the prospective consumer on social media and the only way to do it lies in the field of incorporating deep learning or artificial intelligence into the existing structures of social media user profile generation mechanisms.

What is Deep Learning Anyway and how it might be helpful in creating better user personas?

Our intelligence is dependent upon the number of neurons we have in our brains and the amount of inter-connectional ability they have to retain and store information, which will be later used for making informed/ intelligent actions and decisions. These connections are referred to as Synapses. Together this mechanism constitutes a neural network and humans have a highly complex one as compare to the rest of the species.

Deep learning or artificial neural networks are based on this same principle but instead of real neurons, they have nodes which formulate similar complex interconnectivity between themselves. What this system does differently is that instead of storing away information in a certain defined database, it saves information through learning by data inside each specific node. These help form layers of definition and start defining ideas, complexity and formulating intelligence. But this is not just any haywire network, it rather is programmed to perform specific functions by relying on input data and using algorithms as mechanisms.

This intelligent artificially neural network is capable of understanding deeply as to what cause certain forms of human behavior, which image might elicit the best response from a certain user, how to tweak a certain message to better attract the attention of the user towards a certain call to action and more.

It works on both ends of the spectrum and not only allows the composition of much more intricately detailed user personas but it will also tweak and transform certain tools in a fit to match situation. This could be a goldmine for marketers as you will now have an exact external mirror of certain person’s mind to utilize in your attempts at creating user personas. Eliciting more favorable responses toward certain call to actions could be made a whole lot easier if deep learning is employed on various social media platforms.

Artificial intelligence or deep learning has started transforming a whole lot of fields and made them better suited for users by increasing the objectivity of the tools at disposal. Marketers have a host of new platforms at their disposal to promote their products than ever before like you can now use Google’s image search to optimize your logos and bring in traffic rather than just sticking to same old restricted forms of search engine optimization. Deep learning has opened up new fields and avenues for marketers and brands to realize new revenue streams and make bringing traffic and conversions a whole lot earlier and it’s inevitable that this technology is applied to social media platforms to serve the purpose of creating more detailed user personas and benefit brands more effectively in targeting the right kind of customer for their product.

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