Smart Tips On Google Algorithm Updates 2014 And Beyond

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The trend of updates from Google in the year 2014 has been on an ascent like previous years. Every year Google changes its search algorithm several hundred times. While most of the changes are minor, Google announces the major updates that affect the search results in considerable ways. The major changes that Google rolled out so far are HTTPS/SSL update, Pigeon update, Authorship Photo Drop update, Payday loan v.3 and 2, Panda update and Page Layout update.

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The Dilemma

Where many are speculating that SEO as a profession is going to be dead in future, the need of online presence has never been felt so stronger due to the increased competitiveness on the internet domain. The race to list the website on top and generate huge traffic so as to make the real ROI impact, online marketing initiative is wider than ever. Image Source: Flickr

With the major updates, Google is all prepared to start the spam-fighting, which has inevitably led to the shift in the domain of SEO experts and anyone who is trying to rank his/her website above all others on the search results.

What Future Holds?

With ever changing scenario in the SEO domain and no limits to the boundaries of the virtual world of internet, the answer may be situational or dicey. That means there is an equal chance of success and failure.

In present year and the years ahead, the SEO professionals need to escalate and adopt a more enhanced and robust version of the search engine optimization domain. The way out is to predict Google’s next moves and respond to them with extra efforts. In a way, the battle field is same only the opponent has advanced and the rules have been complicated.

Following are some tips on digital strategies for SEO professionals and companies that are going to enter online market of the year beyond 2014.

    • Every update is the enhanced version of the things you learned before. It is just amplified. Whatever you hold dear, being an SEO professional, is still relevant. Google Panda and Penguin updates, for instance, will continue to target the content and link quality in a more broad and subtle way. You will have to keep a keen eye on the links and will also have to invest on genuine, proper and engaging content.Content is the future of the internet marketing. The companies that have resilient content marketing effort will benefit the most. Google will be searching for such websites and will be supportive to them. A good content must contain helpful insights that are relevant to targeted audience, must be a genuine piece of creation and must contain signs that your site is growing. This is the only way to the SEO that all the recent and future Google updates are designed to shape.
    • Social media plays a great role in making a strong online presence for your website. The major trend of present and future is going to be an active diversification on the virtual online world. To be among the targeted audience, being in their conversation, comments and share will be the path to diversify. Easy and quick sharing of the contents on the social media websites is going to be the key factor for success of a website. Google updates will rely on social signals for determining the websites with good content.
    • Investing a websites presence in Google+ will lay a significant role in internet marketing. SEO professional must focus on establishing Google Authorship for the content of a website and then tie it to its Google+ account. Doing this will play a significant role in SERP and will increase the author rank.

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The ways of Google’s alteration in the upcoming months of 2014 and the years beyond can be predicted by looking back at the years gone past. One must note that the changes Google made has grown exponentially and will continue with the same in future. Also, these changes will reshape the whole scenario of the internet domain as the field of SEO sees and perceives it.

Author Bio: Shara Roy is Internet marketing strategist, working at Crocuss. She loves to share her ideas on new technologies related to internet marketing and web development.

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This article was written by a guest writer and Evolutionary Designs may or may not agree with what is written. Please contact us if you have any questions about the writer or if you want to guest write for us.

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