Guest Post: On-Page SEO Tips

Last Monday I submitted my first guest post over at Famous Bloggers. My post was over On-page SEO. In this article I go over the steps for proper on-page SEO that every website should practice on their site. SEO on your web page is important because if properly done, the search engine will for you […]

Famous Bloggers Guest Writer’s Contest

As of March 1st Famous Bloggers started a guest post contest. Famous Bloggers understands why guest blogging is so important. They want to give back to there guest writers by awarding top guest posts for the month march. The contest is open to anyone who writes on a topic in their blog categories. Topics include  […]

Weekly Link Love March 14

Last week was another great week for blogging. I found eleven great articles and a new blog to read. After reading these blog posts I had to share these articles with everyone. If you get the chance this week, check these articles out. ComLuv new Theme, Traffic and more Exposure for CommentLuv Enabled Blogs – […]

Twitter Releases Hovercard

Back in February Twitter announced a new feature that they would be releasing a new feature called Hovercard. Hovercards are cards that appear when a user hovers over the avatar or username another user in their Twitter stream. The user card that appears will display the users profile information and allow to follow them, while […]

Daily Delicious Links March 12th

Essential 5 Freeware Utilities for Newbie Bloggers “You may be using windows, mac or linux but whatever may be the operating system, newbie bloggers must have certain utilities which will help their work done in a faster and easier way. Example, if you need to capture some screen shots, you cannot be using the basic […]

Daily Delicious Links March 11th

30 free fonts ideal for business logos | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials “We all know, it’s very important to choose the right font when working on a logo design. When speaking about business logos, we usually mean logos which are elegant, clean and not too fancy. So what kind of fonts […]

Foursquare and Myspace Added to Hootsuite

Earlier today, Hootsuite released their latest version of Hootsuite. The latest features the options to sync Foursquare and Myspace. What is Foursquare? Four those that do not know about Foursquare, Foursquare combines social media marketing and gaming into an mobile app that encourages users to “check in” at cafes, pubs and other places. Users can […]

11+ Tutorial Sites For Adobe Photoshop CS4

Image by element321 via Flickr One of my favorite tools as a designer is Adobe Photoshop CS4. Photoshop is powerful software tool for correcting digital images and working with abstract projects. I use Photoshop from editing personal photos to design projects. This tool can do almost anything you want. If it does not do something […]

Coffee With Hesham of Famous Bloggers

Image via Wikipedia A week ago I went to Houston to visit family. During some free time I got the chance to meet and visit with Hesham of Famous Bloggers.  We met for coffee and ended up spending about 2 hours drinking coffee and talking about everything. This was not an interview maybe sometime in […]

Daily Delicious Links March 5th

Today I came across some more resources for designers. One of  resources that I came across today is a special character shortcut keys cheat sheet. There are times in design a designer may need to use a special character. If its a character that the designer may not know. If that happens the designer will […]

Daily Delicious Links March 4th

Today’s delicious posts is all about design. If you looking for tips and tutorials in CSS, then check out the CSS links I found. There is a lot of good information about CSS design and coding. I also found a set of  150 free paper textures for you to use in your designs. If you […]

Now You Can Have A Counter with Your Google Buzz Submitter

Google Buzz has been out for about a month now, and everyday the popularity grows. Since almost day one, there has been a Buzz submit button. The button was created and was manually add to the code. Then a few days later a plugin was created and added to the WordPress plugin Directory. Then Digg […]