Site Will be Going down For a Few Hours

Hi guys, just a quick post to let everyone know that I will bring the site down for a few hours to remove some old plugins, clean up the database, and to start some testing on the theme that is about to go live. If you see any weird design issues or the maintenance page […]

January 2011 Google PageRank Update

Today there was good news for those that care about Google PageRank. Personally, I really do not care about pagerank that much, and I pretty much thought Google wasn’t planning to update the pagerank toolbar anytime soon. Google keeps telling everyone that toolbar page rank isn’t all that important and not to worry about it. […]

Its Been A Year Since Starting Evolutionary Designs

Wow! The year went by fast. It feels like only yesterday I started researching design niche blogs and if I would be able to do one. After a few weeks of research, I changed my mind and decided to go a little broader and start a new media blog. When I had started Evolutionary Designs, […]

Tools I use for Designing and Blogging

Recently, I have had several readers ask me what tools I use for my design work and blog work. Today, I thought I would share those tools with my readers. As a designer and blogger, I use a wide variety of tools. Some of those are expensive and some are free. First, I want to […]

Issues with Posting!

Last Friday I was having issues with posting a certain post. You may have gotten my dead links from Twitter, or any of the other places I post my RSS. I am sorry about that. First, let me explain what happened and why I am a bit frustrated with WordPress and LiveWriter. When I create […]

Manually Install Digg This to Your WordPress Theme

Earlier today I finally came to the decision that I wanted to add a Digg submit button the post page of Evolutionary Designs. Originally I really didn’t like the buttons, but after the redesign of the button and the site’s new look, it grew on me. In the past I used Digg Digg for Digg […]

CommentLuv has Redesigned and Updated the Plugin

Earlier today I was catching up on some reading over at Famous Blogger and I came across an article Hesham wrote about CommentLuv making new design changes to the plugin. The new changes include, bug fixes, updated badges, click tracking, and Dutch translation. Naturally, after reading up on the articles from Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv, […]

New Logo Banners Designs for Evolutionary Designs

I have been building and designing websites on and off for several years. Last year, I decided to take this from hobby to a part-time freelance job. Because of this decision and with gardener friend’s husband I became the Director of Sales and Web Designs over at Enternet Now! After, working with Enternet Now! for […]

External Comment Systems May Not Be the Best Option for a Blog Owner

Until recently I was a big fan of aftermarket comment systems such as Disqus and Intense Debate. Both are great systems but they do have some reasons why you would want to think twice and do your research when selecting a comment system. Each system basically does the same thing but each one has special […]

Site Updates – Issues with Intense Debate WordPress Comment System

Over the last few weeks Intense Debate commenting plugin for WordPress has been giving me headaches. For some reason, the comment system is scrambling the comments, not showing all comments, and putting weeks old comments with brand new comments. So if you see any posts that seem to have a lot of old ramdom posts, […]

Site Updates

Over the last few days I have made some changes and did some testing of few plugins and customization to my theme.  For those that follow this blog regularly, will notice that I have removed the Sexy Bookmarks social bookmarking plugin from my site and I no longer have any of the major bookmarking tools […]

Took Some Much Needed Time Off

It’s been a few days since I last posted. I normally would have made several posts during the week, but since it was a holiday weekend, my wife and I decided to take some much needed time off and take a six day vacation away from social media, work and friends. Of course, we really […]