Mash Up #20: Toics in Design, CSS3 and Inspirational Art

This week’s Mash Up is a short one with only seven articles and several bonus articles attached to the listed articles. The mash up includes articles I found helpful or interesting. As the title says, I found some great articles in design, CSS3 and two great inspirational articles. Both of them are worth checking out. […]

Mash Up #19: Topics in Freelance, SEO Photography, Photoshop Resources, WordPress, and Inspirational Art

Its been about a month since our last Mash up, but I have been collection some create articles since the last one was published. This week’s Mash Up has 10 great articles with a few bonus articles that in topics of freelance, SEO, photography, photoshop resources, WordPress, and two great inspirational articles that are about […]

Mash Up #11

Its time again for our weekly Mashup! Over the last few weeks I have been busy with a new contract and working on a contest . So, there really wasn’t much time to visit my favorite websites. Because of that, I have spent the last few weekends catching up. This week’s mash up is a […]

11 Killer Examples of Batman Fan Art

The first time I saw Superman on the big screen I was hooked on super heroes and super villains. Once I was old enough to read, I was reading and getting comic books whenever I could, which wasn’t often. I watched all the Saturday morning cartoons and Cartoon Network super hero cartoons. Now that I […]

11 Killer Examples of Captain America FanArt

Comic books were never a big part of my life, but I was a big fan of superheroes and comic book characters. I read comic books whenever I could or watched the cartoons as a child. As an adult, I love comic books for their art and what it does for the digital art community […]

10 of My Favorite Infographics

Infographics also know as information graphics  are visual representations of knowledge or data. The infogrpahics can give small or complex amounts of information quickly for a reader to look at. Examples of these graphics can be seen on signs, maps, electrical schematics and almost anything you want to use a infographic. If you can write […]

21 Killer Examples of Afro Samurai Fan Art

What can I say, I am a big fan of fan art and comic book art. I like to display it as wallpaper and I like sharing with our readers. So I am always on the look out for inspirational work or introduce to our readers to new digital artists. Most of these artist will […]