11 Killer Examples of Batman Fan Art

The first time I saw Superman on the big screen I was hooked on super heroes and super villains. Once I was old enough to read, I was reading and getting comic books whenever I could, which wasn’t often. I watched all the Saturday morning cartoons and Cartoon Network super hero cartoons. Now that I am older, its not that much different. I still like comic books, I still watch cartoons and anime whenever I get the chance, and I love going to see all the new comic book made in movies.

Its been a while since I last shared with everyone some of my favorite comic book heroes. For this installment, I decided to share with you some of my favorite Batman fan art created by talented artists on DeviantArt.com.

Besides superman, Batman would have to be one my top favorite heroes. When I was younger, I remember watching the original Batman series with my father and reading some of those comic books. Now I consider that series of Batman a little goofy but I still enjoy watching the show every once in a while. In general, I like all of the Batman characters, but my favorites are of him being portrayed as a dark demon like character.

History of Batman

Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill finger in in 1937. Batman first appeared in the Detective Comics and can be found in many of DC Comics’ publications. Batman was originally referred to as “the Bat-Man” and still referred to as “Batman“. He has also been called the “The Caped Crusader“, “The Dark Knight“, and the “World’s Greatest Detective.”Throughout the history of Batman, he has evolved and is now  a nightmare for super villains. Want to ore on the history of Batman? Then check out the WikiPage there is so much information and links to other important things related to Batman.

My Favorite Images of Batman

1. Batman Begins

batman  Digital Illustrations Image Source: BATMAN BEGINS

2. Batman

batman digital illustrations Image Source: Batman by Francis001

3. The Batman II

batman digital illustrations

Image Source: The Batman II

4. Batman

batman digital illustrations Image Source: Batman by Valzonline

5. Batman in Gotham

batman digital illustrations Image Source: Batman : Gotham City

6. Batman Solitude

batman digital illustrations Image Source: BATMAN SOLITUDE by garang76

7. Batman: Avenging Angel

batman digital illustrations Image Source: Batman: AVenging Angel

8. Batman andSuperman

batman digital illustrationsImage Source: Band and Superman by SeanE

9. Bantam Arkham City Wallpaper

batman digital illustrations Image Source: Batman Arkham City Wallpaper

10. Batman Versus Joker

batman digital illustrations

Image source: Batman versus Joker by aronwty

11. Batman Begins

batman digital illustrations Image Source: Batman Begins

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned before, Batman is one of my favorites, now I mostly just watch the cartoons (almost never) and go see the new movies. What style of Batman is your favorite?

NOTE: Batman is copyright (c) DC Comics and All characters copyright their respective owners. All images were gathered from Creative accounts from DeviantArt.

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  1. Oh wow! These are just brilliant, I’ve been a fan of “the bat” for many years myself, I don’t think I could pick out a favourite from these though as they are all superb 😉
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  2. Nice collection 🙂 I love it James

  3. Nice man! I saved them all! The 4th one looks so tight!
    Fernando recently posted..The Real Steps To Make A Profitable Niche Site – 02My Profile

  4. Some brilliant pieces of art there James!
    I’ve saved a few to my PC as well
    Amr Boghdady recently posted..Das Wort des TagesMy Profile

  5. Really fantastic collection and I am still a fan of Batman up until today. I love number #4, really would have been much better without “Joker” and maybe Batman himself, lol
    DiTesco recently posted..Monitor SEO Progress With Free SEO Reports And ToolsMy Profile

  6. Stunning pictures James I do wonder would batman really beat up superman that bad
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