Dress to impress, It’s what I say!

I like to think of blogging like going out on a date or inviting someone into your home. First impressions mean everything to our human species. We make fast judgments on other people we see and come to conclusions of who they might be or what they will act like. These same first time impressions […]

13 Awesome Sites Using Thesis

Note: This article contains affiliate links. As a designer and WordPress user I am all for designing your own themes and having a custom look that no one else has. But for some, this may not be possible. This could because they do not have the knowledge to design their own theme or its not […]

Thesis Just Got More Awesome!

Are you looking for a new theme for your WordPress website? Looking for a theme full features and is already optimized for the Search Engines? Have you thought about Thesis Framework? Maybe you have already heard about Thesis and know enough about that it can be hard to use. Plus,  you still have to get […]

Guest Post: Design Elements That Will Kill Your WebSite

Anyone who knows me in real life or through cyperspace knows I love design. Design is a big part of my life. I left the world of tech support and research analyist projects after getting layed off, not finding a job that worked around my schedule, andgetting paid less than what I worth, I decided […]