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What Can HTML5 Microdata Do for You?

If you’re a frequent reader of Evolutionary Designs then you’ll have seen James writing about rich snippets and semantic web markup before. For those of you not familiar with the terms I’ve written a brief summary below. If you want to get straight to the article then just skip the explanations. Semantic markup – meta […]

What is CommentLuv Premium

Recently I decided to make another investment into Evolutionary Designs and purchased a premium WordPress Plugin. That plugin is CommentLuv Premium by Andy Bailey. You might have noticed that when you comment, that you have the option to add your latest article link to your comment. And if you been around the site and commenting, […]

Weekly Mash Up #32: Topics in Design, Freelance, Marketing, and Photoshop Brush Freebies

It’s Sunday night, so that means its time for the Weekly Mash Up. This week was a busy one for me, but I did get some time to read a few articles on my favorite sites. Out of what I read, I found a eleven articles I thought you guys might like.  This week’s topics […]

11 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in July

Its time once again for our Monthly Photoshop Tutorial Collection where we only share our favorite and what we feel are the most helpful Photoshop tutorials created each month or in the previous month. The Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in July Last month was a great month for photo manipulation tutorials. I have listed eleven […]

CommentLuv Premium Celebrates Its Birthday With a Dime Sale

I have some exciting news from Andy Bailey and the CommentLuv plugin. Last week I received an email from Andy announcing that he had so much success with his launch of CommentLuv Premium he will be doing releasing the Plugin (multi license) on its anniversary as dime sale. The price will start at $21 and […]

Weekly Mash Up #31: Topics in Blogging, Design, Development, Freelance, SEO, WordPress

It’s the start of a new week so its time for the Weekly Mash Up! I hope you guys had a great week/weekend. My was great, got some extra IT consulting in and even had some time to work on my photography, wrote another article for the photography blog, and make a short road trip […]

How to Squeeze Out More Social Traffic with Images

Please permit me to start this article with a question. What do you think is the most shared item on the social sites? If you said “images” you are right. Be it Facebook, twitter or Pinterest – the current image/photo banker we have on the internet now, images have high tendencies of being shared and […]

Keep Readers on Your Site Longer By Interlinking

You have a great website and you follow the best practices when it comes to SEO. You are working on your social media campaigns and they are doing well. The traffic to your website is high, but those that visit aren’t sticking around for very long. So now your asking yourself, why they aren’t sticking […]

Weekly Mash Up #30: Topics in Business, Design, Development, Freelance, WordPress

After some requests, I have decided to bring back the Weekly Mash Up. The weekly Mashup is where I show a little link love for some of my favorite articles that I have read over the last few week(s). Most of the articles that I share are from sites I have been reading and commenting […]

Review: WP Social Toolbar Pro

About a month ago I was introduced to a new social plugin from ,a great design company that I recently started following, DaddyDesign. Their plugin is WP Social Toolbar. When I first came across this plugin it was offered as free plugin that you could could find in the WordPress Directory. Soon after its release, […]

8 Ways to Find Broken URLs–Failed Site Migrations

Someday you might be tasked with a Site Migration and I know hard they can be. A few years back, I had to do a site migration and it wasn’t easy. Even though the site was a small site, I had a hard time finding all the broken URLs. At the time, I only knew […]