Another Great Contest Over at FamousBloggers.Net!

Well Hesham of FamousBloggers.Net does it again! He has put together another great contest. This contest is all about building and generating traffic for your website. So far the contest has been going on for a month. The contest end at the end of March 2011. So if you want to get in on this […]

Creating Killer Titles and Description Meta Tags

Recently I was working on a new project and I was having writer’s block when it came to setting up title and description tags for the project. To me.these tags might be is a very most important part. These two tags can be seen in the search (SERP) results, and this is where you need […]

Building Traffic Through the Power of Backlinks Part 3 WebSite Directory Submission Sites

This is a continuation of Building Traffic Through the Power of Blacklinks series. As mentioned before, building backlinks is important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting referral traffic back to your site. We have all ready gone into detail about using social media to build backlinks and using bookmarking services, such as blog […]

DesignGizer Social Bookmarking for Designers

Recently I wrote about building links through social media sites. One of the sites I had mentioned, I did not go into much detail. Several people have asked me about the site and what is it all about.  So today, I thought I would go into more detail about the site. What is DesignGizer? DesignGizer […]

Improve Your Website’s “Share-ability” by Having Better Content [Video]

For this installment of linking building strategies, I decided to share with you  a video from SEOmoz  about website content and share-ability. Why is content important to link building? That’s an easy one. If you have killer titles and have killer content to back up those titles, then your articles will be shared. If its […]

7 Tactics To Do Before You Start an SEO Campaign That will Help You Do Better SEO

Over the Holidays I had some extra time to catch up on my SEO studies and I came across a video on SEOMoz about tactics that an everyone that does SEO should do before start working on SEO for a sites. Even if you are working on a site and won’t be launching a new […]

Building Traffic Through the Power of Backlinks Part 2

Recently I started a short series on building backlinks. The last article was all about building backlinks through social media. This week, I want to talk about building backlinks through social media bookmarking sites. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get your website noticed is by using social media bookmarking sites. When using […]

Building Traffic Through the Power of Backlinks Part 1

Most bloggers and designers know that one of the best and easiest ways to get traffic and backlinks to their is to comment. But creating useful and helpful comments can be hard for some or take to much time out of their busy schedules. Commenting is not something you do once or twice a day. […]

What is SEO

When I work with clients or talk about what I do and services we offer through Evolutionary Designs, I often get asked the question “what is SEO?” or “what is search Engine Optimization?” Once I explain, they ask “why would someone want that and pay for that service?” After answering so many times, I came […]

Guest Post: How Simple Comments can Build High Traffic Sites

In search of more traffic for your site, looking to get more comments on your blog? You have already optimized your site and articles for search engines. You have setup a killer domain name, and you are researching and adding the best keywords for your site and articles, you even submit your articles to social […]

Guest Post: Using CommentLuv To Build Traffic

Every website owners loves getting traffic, the more the better. One of the best ways to get new traffic is to build backlinks through commenting on other sites in your site’s niche. To take avantage of commenting you need have something to offer readers to visit your site. One way to help get more people […]

Guest Post: On-Page SEO Tips

Last Monday I submitted my first guest post over at Famous Bloggers. My post was over On-page SEO. In this article I go over the steps for proper on-page SEO that every website should practice on their site. SEO on your web page is important because if properly done, the search engine will for you […]