Dress to impress, It’s what I say!

I like to think of blogging like going out on a date or inviting someone into your home. First impressions mean everything to our human species. We make fast judgments on other people we see and come to conclusions of who they might be or what they will act like. These same first time impressions […]

Fluid Vs Fixed Design: Which is Better?

For as long I can remember, the question I am always asked or ask myself when working a design is, “Which is better? Fixed or fluid design?” This is a great question and the answer is it depends. Personally, I prefer a fixed design. Today, I decided it was time to talk about fixed and […]

Tips for Choosing Website Colors

Selecting the appropriate colors for your site is as vital as choosing content and graphics. Colors affect people in many ways. Certain colors can arouse particular emotions in people. These emotional reactions can influence your company’s image in the mind of visitors and have a major impact on your brand. If you doubt that colors […]

3 Ways To Find Scripts and CMS’s Running on a Website

Have you ever come across a website and wondered what CMS (content management system)they are using or what plugins a site is using, maybe what JavaScripts/jQuery scripts the site has installed? If so, then you are in luck. Recently, I found three tools that can help you find out more information about a site. Why […]

Organized to Attract: Why Organizing Your Site is a Traffic Turn On

As businesses grow and expand, so do their websites. Unfortunately, many webmasters confuse content with clutter. Growth and expansion is a good thing as long as it’s managed and controlled. But site managers often let themselves get carried away with the notion that bigger is better. What they fail to realize is that when it […]

11 of the Best PhotoShop Tutorials Created in March

Its that time again for our monthly series that showcase the best PhotoShop Tutorials created each month. Instead of listing all tutorials created each month as some sites do, we only share those we feel are the best, our favorites, or will be useful for most of our readers. If you missed last month’s showcase, […]

Finding That Perfect Color – Web Safe Colors

In our last article we talked about HTML color/hex codes. But we really didn’t really go into detail about web safe colors and why we might want to use them. In this article, I will go into more detail about color safe colors. Using Web Safe Colors A few years back, well a lot of […]

Finding That Perfect Color – HTML Color Code

Designers in general use color everyday in their designs. But if your not a designer, you like to design your own websites and profiles on different social media sites, you need to know color. By knowing color, not only do you need to know the name of the color you want to know, but you […]

CSS3 Properties Exposed!

Now that Microsoft finally released Internet Explorer 9 designers do not have to worry as much about their designs if they use a lot of CSS3 on their sites. With the release of IE9, all those die hard IE users can now see those killer CSS3 properties that previous versions of IE could not read. […]

5 High Quality Fabric Textures

Hi guys, its that time again for our weekly texture series. This week I was looking through some textures over at DeviantArt and came across some fabric textures that just had to share with everyone. These are just some of the great fabric textures available on DeviantArt. Before using them make sure to check the […]

7 High Quality Cracked Textures

This week’s texture series is all about cracked textures. typically you will find cracked textures in web design that is grunge or trying to get a dark theme. In graphic design, you might see these types of textures used to create building that decayed and abandoned. Sometimes they are even used to take pictures with […]

10 Free Beginner Videos For Paint.Net

Paint.Net is a free image and photo editing software created for Windows Computers only. The system has an easy to use interface with layer support, unlimited undos, special effects, and bunch of powerful tools packed in this program. This image editor has been compared to other powerful editors such as Adobe PhotoShop, Corel, and GIMP. […]