Top 10 Elegant Websites Beautifully Embedded With Maps

Nowadays, maps are frequently used in website designs making it innovative. We have brought together the top 10 websites with maps that are definitely worth seeing. Although these websites differ in their style and purpose, you will find them a lot more inspiring. You are invited to analyze the screen shots below and observe that all the websites have included the maps in their own way.

Some of them display a location or route, while some show just a design element, serving as a navigation or background. However, for a global map, it is the perfect way to show that the site is open to the people all around the world.


Fantasy Cartography

As soon as you enter the website, it gives an awesome feeling, as if you are in the past and reminds you of history. Even, you may imagine yourself to be a traveler for sometime. This fantastic map occupies almost the whole page and helps visitors easily find the things, they are looking for. Be it the portfolio, about us page or any other page that they need.Fantasy Cartography

World Of Merix

It is a Poland based web designing company that is working across the world. The official website of company shows the locations in the map, where their clients come from. This signifies that the clients are the main focus in this organization.World Of Merix


The English UK Fairs

The English UK fair website informs the visitors about the fairs and other events that would take place in 2014. This is really an effective way to keep the visitors updated about the future events. This map is one of the important aspects of the website and is frequently updated from time to time.

The English UK Fairs

Cirque du Soleil

A Canadian entertainment company, Cique du Soleil, which has been self described as a “dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment ” has beautifully included map in its official website. This company is renowned for its incredible shows that combine theatrical and acrobatics approach. The circus employs a large number of people from all over the world. They have performed various shows on all the continents except Antarctica.Cirque du Soleil


LeaderBe has its clients worldwide, which is clearly shown in the map. The map has beautifully covered the entire page forming the background.LeaderBe

180 Degrees

James Hooper and Rob Gauntlett were the youngest Britons to scale the world’s highest mountain called Everest. Also, they traveled from North Pole to South Pole using the natural human power only. In this way, they wanted to create awareness of climate change and launched to promote the trip to the widest possible visitors.

World Of Social

It is an interactive agency that helps businesses to get the most out of Facebook ads. Although, World of Social is located in Poland, it has its clients all around the world.World Of Social


Mik Viaggi

Mik Viaggi is an Italian based travel company offering its services throughout the world. It aims to serve everyone, whether you are travelling for pleasure or for the business purpose. Since, this is an Italian website, you may need to translate it to English or any desired language.



Duplika is the official site of Argentina based hosting provider. The map included in the wbsite clearly shows that its services are available globally. The website is in Spanish, so you get the option to translate it into the desired language.Duplika

The Dare Theory

This single page website gives an idea to inspire the people across the world to change their lifestyles for good by doing unusual or creative things.The Dare Theory


Thus, these are the amazing web designs containing the map in different ways.




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