Apple iOS 7: A Daring Design Approach

Now that iOS 7 is official, designers, developers, and the public are wondering what kind of changes are going to be in store for the general public. A new iOS version always comes with its new complications, bugs, and shiny new features. Whether you’re interested in iOS 7 so you can keep up with the […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Site Responsive As Soon As Possible

The online world changes every day and it’s up to webmasters to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on. Failure to do so could result in your website becoming a shadow of its former self. One of the new becoming very popular at the moment is responsive web design. Its main aim is to […]

The Future of Adobe Fireworks

Last Monday, Adobe announced the latest generation of Creative tools know as CC (Creative Cloud). This tools set includes great creative tools and design resources such as Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Edge Animate CC and many more. But with this announcement, it didn’t include an updated to Fireworks CS6. What Does this Mean for Fireworks […]

Top 10 Tasty Business Cards Made From Food

The quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Some clever marketers and business people are well-aware of this fact and have baked, cooked, and fried their way into customers’ hearts and minds by giving away business card treats. Everything from lollipops to slices of bread have been used to make a unique […]

Designing Custom Stickers for Different Occasions with Adobe Illustrator

The perfect decoration for our celebrations is the custom printed stickers that we see everywhere.  For many years they have been used as a tool to decorate many places and many ads as for special occasions like Christmas and many others.  For this reason the demand for custom stickers are great and they are sold […]

10 Free Horror Fonts Just in Time for Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away so I thought I would do a fun article this week. So for this week’s design resource, I thought I would share a list of Halloween/Horror free fonts from Dafont and 1001fonts. These fonts would be great for that last minute Halloween theme design or an invite that […]

QR Codes: Clutter or Vital Element in Business Card Design?

Anyone who picks up a newspaper or magazine should be familiar with the recent appearance of odd looking square boxes that continue popping up in business card design. These boxes are actually referred to as Quick Response Codes or QR Codes. QR Codes are similar to standard bar codes that appear on most consumer products; […]

How Web Designers should Choose Website Hosting for Their Clients

If you are a web designer, you are going to have to choose between four types of hosting for your client’s websites; VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), reseller hosting, dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Not only do you (a web designer) have to choose the type of website hosting, you are also going to have […]

Avoiding Common Design Clichés

We live in a world where collaboration is important. It’s natural to be influenced by others to a certain degree and sometimes, this is a great thing. In design however, it’s way too easy to allow your influences to get a little heavy, to the point that all you’re doing is jumping on the aesthetic […]

Why Should You Care About HTML5

HTML5 has been around for sometime and most of the websites you visit every day have some sort of HTML5 coding on it. If you have a fairly advanced site or looking to add some new design elements that previous versions of HTML doesn’t do, you might want to look into updating your site so […]

How to Add Custom Fonts to WordPress

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about using custom fonts on your design projects. What I didn’t mention was how to add these custom web fonts to any websites including WordPress sites. After a reader asked about we can add these fonts to a website, I decided I would write an article listing […]

30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrations

30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrations Fantasy illustrators have the incredible ability to imagine phenomenal creatures and scenes and then capture their ideas on digital and physical palettes. Some artists enjoy fantasy design purely for their own pleasure, others create for the purpose of using for poster printing or canvas printing, and others are required to create […]