130+ Free Paper Textures

Updated 3/4/2014

One of the easiest ways to get a certain look on your design is to use textures. You can use almost anything as a texture, the only thing that matters is the texture image needs to be high quality. All you need is a camera and eye for detail to create a killer background. But if you do not have that eye or you do not have the time to create your own textures, you can always look for high quality textures on the web. But, finding the right texture can be difficult and expensive.

If your on a budget, using premium stock textures can be expensive and can even blow your whole budget just getting one texture. To avoid this, you can look for free textures. There are several free texture sites available that have a creative common license that allow almost no limitations to use of there textures. The textures site have a nice selection of textures, but most of them can be limited with the amount of textures found on their sites.

At first site, these sites look great, but as you browse the sites, you find these sites are very limited and you really can’t find what you are looking for.  For me, I generally look through DeviantArt texture category, and I find a lot of good resources there. But, the only thing you need to check is the Creative Commons the designer has set for each design they create.


Today, I have create a list of my favorite paper textures found on DeviantArt. Each texture is considered free for personal use, but many of the packs allow them to be use for commercial use. Please check the requirements before using these textures.

Normally I would create a new article but these are still some of the best paper texture available for free. At the request of Company Folders I have added their collection of 64 free paper textures.

Free Paper Texture Pack: 64 Card Stock Photos

Free Paper Texture Pack: 64 Card Stock Photos

Download all 64 images on Company Folders.

14 Hi-Res Paper Textures

free textures

This texture pack has 14 high resolution paper and canvas textures Each texture is 2500px x 1667px, which gives you plenty of options for your designs.

5 Free Grungy Paper Textures

free textures

This set of grunge paper textures is for the grunge lover. The textures are 2500px x 1667px in size.

Free Crinkled Paper Texture

free textures

This texture pack is a crinkled paper pack with a variety of colors. You can find the individual textures at Plain Textures.

Paper Textures: Concordia

Free Textures

This texture pack is a set soft colors and contains 4 textures.

Paper Texture Pack 1

Free Textures

This texture pack contains five digital paper textures and are 1500 x 1500 in size.

Rustic Paper


The rustic paper texture pack contains nine textures that have a vintage and grungy look.

5 Real Paper Textures

free textures

This texture pack uses paper textures that you might find laying around the house.

Paper Texture: Deimos

Free Textures

This texture pack contains 5 dark with liquid spills textures.

Color Striped Background

Free Textures

Color  background texture pack includes five colorful textures.

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack

Free Textures

The Vintage Grunge Texture Pack comes with nine different color  textures and has a resolution of 1920px x 1200px

Papyrus Textures

Free Textures

This texture pack contains four high resolution textures with a resolution of 3000px by 2000px

Final Thoughts

When I first heard about using textures, I wasn’t sure how well using textures would work for me. But after using textures in several projects and saw the results, I can’t go without them. Anyone that knows me, knows I love textures, I try and use them in all of my work and if I can sneak one into a project, it can make my day. If you haven’t used them in your design, why not try using textures on your next project? You won’t be disappointment with the end results.

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