Floating Twitter Follow Me Badge for Your Site

Today I decided I want to add a floating Twitter Follow Me badge on the right side of the blog wall. After some research, I found that it is pretty simple to add the badge to your website, if you are using a WordPress self hosted site. All you have to do is go the […]

WordPress 2.9.1 Fixes 24 Known Bugs

WordPress 2.9.1 Has Been Released Recently I posted a link to a quick fix in WordPress: How to Fix WordPress Ping Once It Stops Working. This bug was created when WordPress was updated 2.9. About 3 weeks later WordPress released WordPress 2.9.1 to correct issues many WordPress webmasters encountered after upgrading to or installing WordPress […]

Just Installed Cute Profiles

When I visit a website I tend to get turned off by “cluttered” websites. As do most readers do. When designing a blog or website and I need to add icons or buttons for social networking sites, the side bars, post and any header gets to cluttered if you add more than a couple.  While […]

How to fix WordPress Ping Once it Stops Working.

Earlier today I came across a blog post on one of the site I recently started reading I found through Blog Engage, The Site is Blazing Minds. Karen recently posted an article about WordPress and the recent release of WordPress 2.9. She states that  “after installing the update, every time I made a post or […]