Random Rotation Ad Plugin

Are you an affiliate marketer or just someone who has a lot of adds to display but doesn’t have the room to display all your adds?  If you are, I have a fix for that. Check out Random Ad Generator Version 2. This is a WordPress Plugin that randomly displays your ad code for you. […]

Manually Install Digg This to Your WordPress Theme

Earlier today I finally came to the decision that I wanted to add a Digg submit button the post page of Evolutionary Designs. Originally I really didn’t like the buttons, but after the redesign of the button and the site’s new look, it grew on me. In the past I used Digg Digg for Digg […]

CommentLuv has Redesigned and Updated the Plugin

Earlier today I was catching up on some reading over at Famous Blogger and I came across an article Hesham wrote about CommentLuv making new design changes to the plugin. The new changes include, bug fixes, updated badges, click tracking, and Dutch translation. Naturally, after reading up on the articles from Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv, […]

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Has Been Released!

Earlier today I came across an article on WordPress.Org that WordPress 3.0 was released. For at least a half a year, WordPress Developers have been working hard to get the WordPress 3.0 released and there hard work has paid off! WordPress 3.0 is available for download and if you already have WordPress installed then all […]

Add Search Functionality to Your Site

Do you have a search field on your WordPress site? If not, why not add one. Having your own search engine for your site will help your visitors find what they are looking for and keep them on your site longer. By using a search field, visitors can type in a set of keywords and […]

2 Highly Useful Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

An important part of Search Engine optimization is having a site. A sitemap is a page of pages on a website. The pages are designed to make is easy for the web crawlers to find all of your content. Usually sitemaps are setup to be hierarchical. Being setup in this fashion not only helps the […]

6 Useful WordPress Plugins for Businesses

I think WordPress is one of the easiest CMS’s out there for any business to use. It may have started out first as a personal blogging platform, but in the past few years it’s evolved into a more functional and useful site. I’ve put together a list of some useful plugins businesses can use, if […]

WPtouch iPhone Styled Theme

Image via CrunchBase Today after reading a blog entry by Nicholas Cardot called The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2010, he mentioned a pluging called WPtouch iPhone Theme that helps mobile phone internet users to your site easier and faster than the normal theme that is designed for a regular sized theme. Nicholas […]

Final Thoughts on WP-Spam Free

Earlier today I made the decision to turn off the plugin WP-SpamFree. WP-SpamFree is a powerful anti-spam plugin for WordPress that stops comment spam and trackback spam. This plugin stops the spam before it gets to the database, so there is no cluttering up of the database. The plugin also comes with a SpamFee Contact […]

Digg Digg a SocialMedia Book marking and voting plugin for WordPress.

Over the last few months I have been in search of a way to add voting tools to the blog post automatically and still look good. As most know if you want to add a Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Blog Engage and many other buttons there is a plugin for it. The issues I came across […]

I Have Had It With Comment Spam!

Today I made some changes to Evolutionary Designs comment system. After receiving large numbers of spam by trackbacks or by comment bots, I decided I would make it a little harder for the spammers to waste my time. As of early this afternoon I added a new plugin called WP-SpamFree WordPress Spam Plugin What Makes […]

25 Recommend WordPress Plugins

As every WordPresss administrator knows, the basic features of WordPress are a bit limited to what you can do with the program. But, WordPress has a fix for this. There are aftermarket addons know has plugins that can be installed to help you with administering your WordPress site and make your life easier. WordPress plugins […]