Get Thesis Skins, Boxes, and Plugins from ThesisAwesome at Crazy Low Prices

Recently my good friend Hesham over at made some changes to his premium Thesis Skin site. First of all, he updating all of his thesis skins to work beautifully with the new version of Thesis, Thesis 2.0.  And second, he changed the price of the themes so that you can purchase all the themes […]

Avenger by ThesisAwesome

Are you looking for a professional theme that works off of Thesis? If so, I have the perfect theme for you. It looks good, its fully features, and designed to make your author’s profiles look good. Earlier this morning, ThesisAwesome released their latest theme for Thesis. That theme is Avenger. Its full of great features […]

How To Get a 50% Discount on the BlogSkin by ThesisAwesome

If you are a Thesis user and looking for a premium Thesis skin that is both professional and full of features. Then you are in luck, ThesisAwesome offers several different feature rich skins that has a professional look. But only the BlogSkin is on sale for a limited time. The BlogSkin is an Awesome skin, […]

ThesisAwesome Just Launched the Product Skin!

A few weeks ago my good friend Hesham from ThesisAwesome sent me an early copy of his new Thesis Skin, Product Skin, to test out, give him my thoughts, and do a review of the product on release day. After setting up a new test domain, setting up Thesis, installing the Product  Skin over the […]