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Tara Hornor is Senior Editor for Creative Content Experts, a company that specializes in content marketing, link building, and more. She writes on topics of web and graphic design, marketing, advertising, branding, and other small business topics. Feel free to connect with @TaraHornor on Twitter.

Design Your Own Professional Website with 5 Easy Web Builder Sites!

Starting a business takes a lot of both time and money. And a professional website is one of those that require quite a bit of capital or time or both. If you have no technical knowledge, you’ll spend loads of time trying to figure out a content management system or else spend a lot of […]

QR Codes: Clutter or Vital Element in Business Card Design?

Anyone who picks up a newspaper or magazine should be familiar with the recent appearance of odd looking square boxes that continue popping up in business card design. These boxes are actually referred to as Quick Response Codes or QR Codes. QR Codes are similar to standard bar codes that appear on most consumer products; […]

Amazing Glass Sculptures

Glass sculptures have their own look and feel that set them apart from other types of art structures. The texture of the glass and the knowledge of the fragile nature of the design give glass sculptures a unique place in the art world. Whether the glass is colored or clear, textured or fine, these delicate […]

30 Popular Portraits From 2011

2011 was a great year in photography. The web has revolutionized how people interact with photos and photographers. Lots of sites encourage peer-to-peer critiques and reviews through sharing and “likes” of content. Due to this increase in social feedback, photographers have been eager to host their photos all over the web and gain ratings. The […]

30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrations

30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrations Fantasy illustrators have the incredible ability to imagine phenomenal creatures and scenes and then capture their ideas on digital and physical palettes. Some artists enjoy fantasy design purely for their own pleasure, others create for the purpose of using for poster printing or canvas printing, and others are required to create […]

Famous Cityscapes from Around the World

Cityscapes are a wonderful inspiration for travelers and dreamers alike, not to mention that they make great backgrounds for web design, postcards, or even posters. Each city has its own look and feel. From Sydney to New York City to Bangkok, this collections runs the gamut of the globe. Enjoy this sneak peak of beautiful […]

Top Design Elements that Make Your Blog Look Amazing

WordPress or not, if you have a blog you’re likely using one of several top blogging software packages that allow you to quickly update your blog’s look and feel. The easiest way is to choose a theme that has the look you want and install it. But sometimes you are using a heavily modified theme […]

5 Premium Dark WordPress Themes

When you’re looking for dark WordPress themes it can be a challenge to come up with just the right look. Well, look no further – this collection of dark WordPress themes represents five, top-notch themes that are ready to go out of the box. Dark-Folio This is a simple, three-column theme that puts your sponsor […]