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We Blog Better is Another Great Blogging Resource

As I have mentioned before, blogging is a great way to get your site noticed by others and the search engines. Daily, weekly, or even monthly posts are great ways to have new content added to your site. Search Engines love new content and will reward you with higher ranking pages on your site. Along […]

What is Tycoon Blogger

As you can tell I am on a blogging and marketing resources kick this week. If you are here to read more about design, I promise to move more in that direction next week. But this week is all about sharing some of my favorite places I like to read, comment on and learn about […]

Have You Heard of iBlogZone

On a previous article, I wrote about Famous Bloggers and all the benefits of Famous Bloggers. Famous Bloggers is a great place to learn more about blogging and social media, but what if you want more or you are looking to motenize your blog. Today I would like to introduce you to Francisco Perez, AKA […]

What is Famous Bloggers

Over the last few months, I have mentioned Famous Bloggers through several different articles or mentioned articles that I have written for them. Well today, I want to talk about Famous Bloggers and what exactly the site is and what they can do for you. What is Famous Bloggers Famous Bloggers is multi-author blog that […]

What is CommentLuv

Are you looking to get more traffic to your site, get more readers to comment on your site, and looking for more ways to get backlinks back to your site? Today I want to talk about website owner’s dream tool that can do all of the above and works with both Blogger and WordPress! What […]

Guest Post: How Simple Comments can Build High Traffic Sites

In search of more traffic for your site, looking to get more comments on your blog? You have already optimized your site and articles for search engines. You have setup a killer domain name, and you are researching and adding the best keywords for your site and articles, you even submit your articles to social […]

Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv Cash Prize Contest Is Over

Its finally over, I mean the Famous Bloggers and CommentLuv contest is finish taking new contest entries. As of Wednesday, July 14th, they will no longer except anymore entries. If you got your post in before the deadline, they will continue to post all entries until they have no more. The good news is, they […]

30+ Images of Old and Rusty Cars

Recently my wife and I had the opportunity to take some time off from our busy work schedules back in May to visit family and spend some time disconnected from social media and business contacts. With the amount of work we do its great to just shut down. Sadly, I still had my business cell […]

Guest Post: Using CommentLuv To Build Traffic

Every website owners loves getting traffic, the more the better. One of the best ways to get new traffic is to build backlinks through commenting on other sites in your site’s niche. To take avantage of commenting you need have something to offer readers to visit your site. One way to help get more people […]

External Comment Systems May Not Be the Best Option for a Blog Owner

Until recently I was a big fan of aftermarket comment systems such as Disqus and Intense Debate. Both are great systems but they do have some reasons why you would want to think twice and do your research when selecting a comment system. Each system basically does the same thing but each one has special […]

QuickTip: How To Resize Images Using GIMP

Many bloggers and social media users carry cameras with them to catch that perfect shot  or use large images on their sites and profiles. These images look good to the viewer, but it kills the site load time. Now a days, this is not a big deal as it use to be since most users […]